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  • agriculture products, agricultural products, egg, eggs, pasteurized egg, pasteurized eggs, shelled egg, shelled eggs, egg powder, egg powders, slaked lime, slaked limes, unslaked lime, unslaked limes, lime, limes, feed, feeds, feed phosphate, feed phosphates, organic fertilizer, organic fertilizers, fertilizer, fertilizers
    Since 1979, our company has a successful business experience and knowledge in the sector of feed raw materials and is having operations under the title A.B Foods Inc. since 2001.
    Telephone: +90 216 545 20 10 Address: ÇİLEKHANE CAD. ÇAMLICA EVLERİ SİT. NO: 13/3, 34696 K.ÇAMLICA, ÜSKÜDAR, İSTANBUL, TURKEY
  • fire fighting powder, fire equipment, micronized minerals, quartz, silica fume, silikastaub, white kaolin, corn talc, mica, industry talk, sepiolite, zeolite synthetic zeolite, fertilizer, ammonium sulfate, mono ammonium phosphate, fire fighting equipment, mineral mining, agricultural fertilizer, fertilizer, fertilizers, dry chemical powder, fire extinguisher, silica cat litter, cat litter
    Our company August 11, 2014 Date of Alparslan ARAR, ARAR and Selim BUR tern partnership with the organized industrial zone in the Eskisehir was opened in 1100 m2 area. With an
    Telephone: +90 222 228 12 14 Address: 75. yıl Mahallesi, EMKO Sanayi Sitesi, C5 Blok, No 2, Odunpazarı, Eskişehir, Turkey
  • agriculture, agricultural, fertilizer, fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, drip fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, drip fertilizers, liquid fertilizer, liquid fertilizers, special fertilizer, special fertilizers, special liquid fertilizer, special liquid fertilizers, vegetable fertilizer, vegetable fertilizers, animal fertilizer, animal fertilizers, organic fertilizer, organic fertilizers, vegetable organic fertilizers, animal organic fertilizers, macro fertilizer, macro fertilizers, micro fertilizer
    AVAGRO AGRICULTURE&CHEMSTRY LTD.STI " WE CARE ABOUT CHEMISTRY OF AGRICULTURAL" AVAGRO is established in 2013 in order to improve agriculture potential of The World. It starts as
    Telephone: +90 544 447 26 78 Address: Antalya OSB. Aşağıoba Mh. Toptancılar Sitesi, 107. Ada, A Blok, No:3/4, Döşemealtı, Antalya, Türkiye
  • plastic raw materials, polymers, hdpe, ldpe, lldpe, high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, pp, ps, pvc, polypropylene, polystyrene, fertilizer, fertilizers, urea, ammonium nitrate, agricultural fertilizers, chemicals, chemical materials, acn, base oil, petrochemicals, benzene, Butene-1, deg, hexane, kerosene, meg, methanol, naphtha, paraxylene, py-gas, reformate, toluene
    HISTORY Huzur Plastik Kimyevi Maddeler İthalat İhracat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. started its activities in the plastic sector with the recycling plant established in Istanbul in
    Telephone: +90 212 444 14 97 Address: Istoc Oto Tic. Merk. E Plaza, Kat:5, No:29-30, Bağcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • agricultural products, agriculture chemicals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, organic fertilizers, peat products, peats, seeds, seed mixtures, grass seeds, grass seed mixtures, fodder plant seeds, plant seeds, perlites, plant feeding products, landscape products, landscape projects, ready sods, sods, inorganic products, ready grasses, ready turfs, baltic peats, local peats, hobi vegetable peats, vegetable peats, mixed peats
    Our Company started commercial activities on October 2003 in regard with Peat production, one of a plant breeding practises, and maintained them in a wide range such as grass seed
    Telephone: +90 262 223 63 43  Address: Çınarlı Mahallesi, Onaran Sokak, No:8, Derince, Kocaeli, TURKEY
  • fertilizer, fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, agricultural fertilizers, granulated fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, solid fertilizers, tunisia fertilizers, russian fertilizers, dap fertilizers, dap fertilizers, urea fertilizers, dap, urea, dap russian fertilizers, dap tunisia fertilizers, chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer, agricultural fertilizer, granulated fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, solid fertilizer, tunisia fertilizer, russian fertilizer, dap fertilizer, dap fe
    We manufacture and supply fertilizer, fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, agricultural fertilizers, granulated fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, solid
    Telephone: +90 212 514 08 68 Address: Akşemsettin Mah. Akdeniz Cad. No: 48/3 Nur Apt. 34080 Fatih, İstanbul, Turkey
  • agriculture, agricultural, agricultural chemistry, agricultural chemistry, agricultural products, agriculture chemistry, chemistry, chemical, macro nutrients, macro nutrient, micronutrients, micro nutrient, powdered foods, powdery nutrient, liquid nutrient, liquid nutrients, fulvic acid, sea ​​algae, fertilizer, fertilizers, agricultural debris, agricultural fertilizer, amino acids, amino acid
    Tarvit Agriculture Chemistry and Advanced Technologies Industry and Trade Limited Company was established in Sakarya in 2014. Sakarya University's R & D activities in the
    Telephone: +90 264 6060515 Address: Sakarya Üniversitesi, Teknoloji Geliiştirme Bölgesi, Rosem binası, No:2/28, Serdivan, Sakarya, Turkey
  • agricultural machines, agriculture machines, sprayers, ploughs, plows, goble discharrows, tandem discharrows, cultivators, rotovators, rollers, chisels, pneumatic seeders, sesame seeders, seeders, disc ploughs, fertilizers, garden tractors, turbo sprayers, mowers, forage harvesters, maize choppers, threshing machines, threshers, store threshing machines, grass collectors, levelling blades, back loaders, seed drills, tiller tips, cultivator points, feeding mixers, plow points, silage blades, roto
    SAGLAMEL agricultural machinery that was founded in 1979 and It a family owned company provides service to cs customers wth spare part production. Our company that has been
    Telephone: +90 332 239 11 81 Address: 2. OSB Kocadere Sk. No:5, Konya, Turkey
  • Fertilizer, Lawn Fertilizer, NPK Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer, Plant Nutrient, Tree Fertilization, Seed, Fruit, Vegetable, Import, Export, Chemical Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer, Organic, Phosphorus Fertilizer, Potassium Fertilizer, Quality Fertilizer, NPK Powder, Agricultural Fertilizer, Agriculture, Garden, Grass, Olive, Tomato, Strawberry, Lemon, Potato, Soil, Water, Water Soluable, Fertilizer Raw Materials, Foliar Fertilizer, Composed Fertilizer, Straight Fertilizer, Organomineral Fertilizer, Powder Fertilizers, Dripping
    At our production facility, we produce more than 50 types of specific fertilizers in different groups according to your requirements with our 25-year experience. In this
    Telephone: +90 (322) 394 33 99 Address: Adana Hacı Sabancı Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Oğuz Kaan Köksal Caddesi, No: 22, Sarıçam
  • fertilizer, fertilizers, compost, organic fertilizers, organic fertilizer, liquid manure, liquid manures, muck, mucks, green manure, green manures, chemical fertilizer, chemical fertilizers, fluid fertilizer, fluid fertilizers, agricultural fertilizer, agricultural fertilizers, leaf fertilization, leaf fertilizations, bucket fertilizers, fulvic acids
    We are manufacture and supply; fertilizer, fertilizers, compost, organic fertilizers, organic fertilizer, liquid manure, liquid manures, muck, mucks, green manure, green manures,
    Telephone: +90 312 342 11 40 Address: Turgut Özal Bulv. 72/8, İskitler, Altındağ, Ankara, Turkey
  • agricultural product, agricultural products, fertilizer, fertilizers, solid fertilizer, solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizer, liquid fertilizers, drip fertilizer, drip fertilizers, organic farming hard fertilizer, organic farming hard fertilizers, animal product, animal products, licking block, licking chucks, feed additives, horse product, cow nipple care, cow nipple hygiene, farm shelter hygiene
    We started our business as Mytar medicines in 1996 and we continue to renew our product range. We aim to present our superior service to you with our young and dynamic cadres who
    Telephone: +90 282 260 00 06 Address: Orta Cami Mahallesi, Tavanlı Çeşme Sokak, No:4,Süleymanpaşa, Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • fertilizers, agro chemicals, agricultural chemicals, plant nutrition fertilizers, nutrition fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, controlled release fertilizers, enzymes, hormones, micronutrients, organic fertilizers, compound npk fertilizers, compound fertilizers, npk fertilizers, straight fertilizers, water soluble foliar fertilizers, npk drip fertilizers, drip fertilizers, gel npk fertilizers, gel fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, acetates, fertilizer, agro chemical, agricultural c
    Neufarm® is a Menufacturer company of fertilizer, pewticides products for the Horticulture, Specialty Agriculture and Retail markets. Neufarm established for producing high
    Telephone: +90 232 344 35 00 Address: Mansuroğlu Mah., 284/1 Sk., İhsaniye İş Merkezi, K: 5, No: 502, Bayraklı, İzmir, Turkey
  • Agricultural Irrigation Systems, Textile Group Products, Infrastructure Systems, Seeds and Fertilizers, Iron Products, Ball Valve, Couplings, Fittings, PVC Pipe, Valve Boxes
    Telephone: 90 (224) 376-1213 Address: İSTİKLAL MH.KAZIM KARABEKİR CAD.NO:98 GÜRSU BURSAturkey
  • pesticides, insecticides, agro chemicals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers
    Telephone: 3320737 Address: AŞIK VEYSEL MAHALLESİ 5733/3 SK. NO:3/A KARABAĞLAR / İZMİR
  • pesticides, insecticides, agro chemicals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers
    Telephone: 4784550 Address: 7087/4 SOKAK NO:10 İZTİM İŞ MERKEZİ PINARBAŞI BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • agriculture, agricultural, agricultural product, agricultural products, seed, seeds, lawn fertilizer, fertilizer, fertilizers
    Telephone: 251 43 30 Address: Batısitesi Mahallesi Gersan Sanayi Sitesi 2310/1. Sokak No:35 Batıkent
  • agrochemicals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers
    Telephone: 3473002 Address: MANSUROĞLU MAHALLESİ 284/1 SOK. NO:1 DAİRE:406 BAYRAKLI / İZMİR
  • agrochemicals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizer, fertilizers, solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers
  • agricultural chemicals, agrochemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides
    Telephone: 90(242)323 43 59 Address: ÇAĞLAYAN MH. 2018 SK. NO:1/6NO:19/2
  • agricultural products, agrochemicals, fertilizers, liquid ferilizers, pesticides
    Telephone: (242) 3401984 Address: MENDERES MAHALLESI 12.SOKAKNO:1 ALTINOVA
  • agrochemicals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, solid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer
    Telephone: 90(242)887 14 19 Address: MAVİKENT TOPTANCI HALİ NO: 122
  • fertilizer, agriculture, fertilizers, agricultural product, agricultural products, agricultural industry
    Telephone: 0.222.236 91 95 Address: 75.YIL MAH.KOBİ ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ 107.CADDE NO:7
  • agricultural products, agrochemicals, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, solid fertilizers
    Telephone: 90(552)820 47 47 Address: TAHILPAZARI MAH. 468 SOK. NO:8/405 TURGAY İŞHANI
  • agricultural products, agrochemicals, fertilizers, solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers
    Telephone: 90(533)928 09 43 Address: TAHILPAZARI MH. 458 SK. BİLGİ İŞH. NO:5/28
  • agricultural products, landscaping, greenhousing, organic agriculture, fertilizers, seedling, seed growing
    Telephone: (90)(246) 313 27 76 Address: SANAYI MAHALLESI EĞIRDIR
  • agricultural products, fertilizers, agrochemicals, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, solid fertilizers
    Telephone: 90(232)459 69 15 Address: GAZİLER cad.NO:478 KAT:3 D:313 KONAK İZMIR
  • agricultural products, agrochemicals, fertilizers, solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers
    Telephone: (262) 2232038 Address: DENİZ MAH.YENİ LİMAN YOLU SANA, Yİ SK.NO:7, DERİNCE, KOCAELI
  • agrochemicals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers
    Telephone: 90(232)484 45 86 Address: MİTHATPAŞA MAH.MİTHATPAŞA CAD.KASAPOĞLU NO:570 D:3 KONAK İZMIR
  • agricultural products, agricultural chemicals, agrochemicals, fertilizers, solid fertilizer, liquid fertilizers
    Telephone: (90)(322) 485 56 13 Address: BÜYÜK DİKİLİ MH. 93003 SK. NO:45/A SEYHAN
  • construction materials, construction plants, construction equipments, construction chemicals, foodstuff, fertilizers, agricultural products
    Telephone: (90)(326) 614 05 90 Address: ATATÜRK BULVARI YALIM APT. NO:61/1 İSKENDERUN
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