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  • textile product, textile products, yarn, yarns, cotton yarn, cotton yarns, dyed yarn, dyed yarns, carded yarn, carded yarns, blended yarn, blended yarns, mercerized yarn, mercerized yarns
    Mercerized yarn, dyed combed and carded cotton yarn, for socks and knitting, blended
    Telephone: +902124380408 Address: Bayrampaşa, İstanbul, Turkey
  • textile, textile product, textile products, yarns, yarn, fancy yarns, fancy yarn, acrylic yarns, acrylic yarn, blended yarns, blended yarn, knitwear yarns, knitwear yarn, woven yarns, woven yarn
    All kinds of knitwear and woven acrylic and blended yarns, fancy
    Telephone: 212 612 73 22 Address: Maltepe Cd. Canayakın San.Sit. A Blok N:11 Topkapı, Turkey
  • blended yarn, blended yarns, cotton yarn, melange yarn, open end yarn, polyester yarn, polyester yarns, regenerated open end yarn, regenerated yarn, straygarn yarn, thread, viscose yarn, yarn, yarns
    Gulcag Textile produced the first straygarn yarn in 1982. Then, as a consequence of having knowledge and experience we started to produce colored cotton, polyester and cotton,
    Telephone: +90 276 21 513 42 - 22 737 25 Address: Eski Garaj Karsisi, No: 3, Usak, Turkey
  • yarns, threads, strings, cotton yarns, fiber yarns, short synthetic fiber yarns, short synthetic yarns, synthetic yarns, cotton type synthetic yarns, acrylic yarns, viscose yarns, polyester yarns, cotton acrylic yarns, viscose acrylic yarns, cotton viscose yarns, cotton wool yarns, wool yarns, cotton polyester yarns, mixed yarns, blended yarns, cotton threads, fiber threads, short synthetic fiber threads, short synthetic threads, synthetic threads, cotton type synthetic threads, acrylic threads
    Gur Cotton under Gur Iplik San. Tic. A.S. was established in 2011. With two machinery line which one of them is for cotton yarn and the other is for short synthetic fiber yarn
    Telephone: +90 342 337 22 91 Address: 2. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Dursın Bak Bulvarı, Başpınar, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • yarn, thread, yarns, cotton yarn, polyester yarn, blended yarn, polyester melange yarn, cotton melange yarn, melange yarn, viscose yarns, viscose yarn, melange yarns
    İmka İplik Mills was established in the year 2003 in Çorlu/Turkey. The company has 17,000 square meters factory and also 40,000 square meters open area is begun production of
    Telephone: +90 212 444 46 52 Address: Tekstilkent Koza Plaza A Blok Kat:20 No:76 Esenler / İstanbul, Turkey
  • hand knitting yarn, thread, acrylic yarn, blended yarn, knitting yarn
    Welcome to Kamgarn Yün Akrilik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. As the leader of hand knitting and machine knitting along with production methods, our company has receptive and dynamic
    Telephone: +905335583577 Address: Ankara Asfaltı 7.Km Ikısaray Koyu Usak / Turkey
  • textile product, textile products, yarn, yarns, blended yarn, blended yarns, cotton yarn, cotton yarns
    Dear Sirs/Madam, We would like to introduce ourselves as a specialized buying-house for Textile products. We are engaged in this field since last 47 years and having qualified
    Telephone: 0092-300-8228173 Address: 24 Writer Chambers, 3rd floor, Mumtaz Hassan Road, Karachi - 74000, Pakistan
  • blended yarn, cotton yarn, dyed cotton yarn, dyed viscose yarn, dyed yarn, fiber dyed yarn, mixed yarn, openend yarn, polyester yarn, viscose yarn, yarn
    We are an openend spinning mill which is in this sector more then 17 years, last year we divided from our old company and made a fresh begining. From now on we will continue our
    Telephone: +90 344 215 93 00 Address: Kayseri Yolu Üzeri 6. Km Kahramanmaraş / Turkey
  • fibers, yarns, fabrics, polyamide fibers, nylon fibers, aramid fibers, pps fibers, polyphenylene sulphide fibers, filament yarns, polyamide yarns, nylon yarns, nylon filament yarns, polyamide filament yarns, polyamide industrial yarns, polyamide industrial filament yarns, industrial yarns, industrial filament yarns, covered yarns, polyamide elastan yarns, aramid fabrics, aramid blended fabrics, polyamide staple fibers, staple fibers, polyamide continuous filament yarns, continuous filament yarns, fiber, yarn, fabric, polyamide fiber, nylon fiber
    Further to long term working experiences in production and sales in textile,we established Polystar Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi in 2007. Polystar Tekstil has
    Telephone: +90 212 669 30 78 Address: Şelale Cad., Spradon Quartz D3 Blok No.2, Bahçeşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • hand knitting yarn, wool yarn, fancy yarn, chenille yarn, cashmere yarn, angora yarn, mohair yarn, alpaca yarn, wool blended yarn, roving yarn, ball yarn, feather yarn, boucle yarn, crochet yarn, classic yarn, slub yarn, silk yarn, yarn, industry yarn, knitting yarn, weaving yarn, lader yarn, mesh yarn, cake yarn, chunky yarn
    ZhangJiaGang Prancy Dragon Textile Co., Ltd is a professional company who is mostly engaged in fancy yarn, wool yarn and hand knitting yarn. We have more than 10 years experience
    Telephone: (86)512-58283448 Address: NO.9/509 Huijin Building, South Erhuan Road, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu China
  • 100% Acrylic Yarn And, 100% Cotton Yarn, Outdoor Iplikleri- Outre The, Fancy Yarns, Linen Blended Yarns, Cotton / Acrylic Blend Yarn, Tops
    Telephone: 9(212) 2310428 Address: Rumeli Cad. 2/5 Nisantasi 34363 Istanbul/ turkey
  • Yarn, Fibre, Yarns, Bio Cotton Yarns, Cotton Yarn, Blended Cotton, Bulk Cotton, Buy Thread, Cotton Crochet, Cotton Knit, Cotton Knitting, Cotton Polyester, Cotton Thread, Cotton Weaving, Crochet Cotton, Crochet Thread, Dyed Yarn, Knit Yarn, Knit Yarns, Knitting Cotton, Knitting Suppliers, Knitting Thread, Knitting Yarn, Knitting Yarns, Oe Yarn, Organic Thread, Organic Yarn, Organic Yarns, Poly Cotton, Poly Yarn, Polyester Cotton, Thread Cotton, Thread Polyester, Thread Yarn, Viscose Yarn, Weaving Cotton, Weaving Yarn, Worsted Cotton, Worsted Yarn, Worsted Yarns, Yarn Cotton, Yarn Dyed, Yarn Dyeing, Yarn Knit, Yarn Knitting, Yarn Making, Yarn Producer, Yarn Production, Yarn Sock, Yarn Thread, Yarn Vendors, Yarn Weaving
    Telephone: 90 352 321 12 50 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 22. Cadde No:2 Melikgazi, Kayseri / TURKEY
  • Twisted Yarn, Blended Yarn, Melange Ecru Yarn, Dyed Yarn, Raw Yarn, Tricot yarn, Mesh Fabric Yarn
    Telephone: 90 422 238 01 62 Address: Karakavak Mevkii Polis OkuluKarşısı P.K. 102 44 000 MALATYA/ turkey
  • yarns, yarn, cotton yarns, polyester yarns, cotton blended yarns
    Telephone: 90 261 20 30 Address: dosab ALİ OSMAN SÖNMEZ CD.bursa- turkey
  • fantasy yarn, yarn, yarns, cotton yarn, blended yarns, fantasy yarns
    Telephone: 90 224 261 26 15 Address: Mustafa Karaer Cd. N:2 PK:91 DOSAB / BURSA turkey
  • textiles, yarns, acrylic and blended yarn, polyroplyen yarn, hand knitting yarn
    Telephone: (342) 337-26-65 Address: İNCİLİPINAR MH. MUAMMER AKSOY BLV. NO:32 MERKEZ GAZİANTEP
  • textile products, yarn, thread, polyester yarn, viscose yarn, blended yarn, cotton linen yarn, cotton yarn, linen yarn, cotton linen blended yarns, combed cotton yarn, viscose ring yarn, semi wet spun yarn, spun yarn
    DIMA FRANKO DIS. TIC. VE SAN. LTD. STI. had been active in tekstil sector since 1990 Dima Franko founded FiL -FIBRE SAN. TlC. LTD. STi. in Corlu Free Zone in1999 and FiL-FiBRE
    Telephone: +90 212 510 19 52 / +90 212 510 51 70 / +90 212 55 Address: Demirciler Sitesi 10. Yıl Aydaş İş Merkezi Kat: 3 No: 9 34760 Zeytinburnu İstanbul, Turkey
  • yarn, textile products, yarns, cotton yarns, cotton yarn, painted yarn, polyester yarn, cotton-polyester yarn, melange yarn, blended yarn, blended yarns, nylon yarn, textured yarn
    Our company was established for the purpose of manufacturing and selling of operating textile materials such as yarns. Company exports mainly to Bulgaria, Serbia and Germany.
    Telephone: +90 212 438 20 83  Address: Esenler Teks.Kenttic.Mkz. Galeria A-14 N:27 Tekstilkent Esenler Esenler / İstanbul, Turkey
  • yarn, knitting yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, cotton blended yarn, yarns
    Telephone: 90 258 269 21 50 Address: Organize Sanayi BölgesiDenizli- turkey
  • yarns, yarn, polyester yarns, viscose yarns, nylon yarns, cotton yarns, polyester blended yarns
    Telephone: (90)(212) 613 32 22 Address: TERAZIDERE M.ÖZKAN SK. 2/1 BAYRAMPAŞA
  • textile products, yarn, thread, yarns, yarn for knitting, cotton yarns, knitted fabric, fabric, fabrics, cotton fabrics, jersey faric, ribana fabric, interlock fabrics, ring yarn, melange yarns, viscose yarns, bamboo cotton blended yarns, airjet yarns, polyester melange yarns, polyester yarns
    Welcome to the only place that you can find all your needs in textile business. We will be happy to serve you with all our possibilities and experienced stuff. If you are bored
    Telephone: +90 212 999 44 58 Address: 1993 Sk.Papatya-2 Rezidans A Blok No:35 K:4/74 Esenyurt İstanbul, Turkey
  • yarns, melange yarn, micro fiber yarns, blended yarns, raised yarns, antipilling yarns, garments, textiles
  • textile products, yarn, yarns, thread, polyester yarns, viscose yarns, fancy yarns, polyester viscose blended yarns, blended yarns, linen yarns, cotton yarns
    Intertekstil was founded in 1985 in order to function in the yarn sector. Since its foundation it has grown continuously and has become the main supplier of the sector . Our
    Telephone: +90 212 565 46 29 / +90 212 565 70 16 Address: Otakçılar Cd. Birlik İş Hanı No:10/307-B Eyüp Istanbul / Turkey
  • regenerated yarn, blended, blended yarn, cotton polyester, recycled cotton
    Telephone: +905322611664 Address: KAZIM KARABEKIR MAH.VİŞNE CAD.NO:65 YILDIRIM / BURSA
  • yarns, yarn, polyester yarns, viscose yarns, nylon yarns, cotton yarns, polyester blended yarns
    Telephone: 5768437 Address: Orta Mah. Demirciler Sok. Öz İş Hanı C Blok No:2/2 Bayrampaşa
  • Cotton-Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic Blended Yarns, Mop Yarn, Yarn Upholstery Fabrics, Textile Industry, Knitting Yarn, Twisted Yarn
    Telephone: 90 276 266 74 49 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 102. Cad No:97 UŞAK / Merkezturkey
  • yarns, cotton yarns, melange yarn, blended yarn
    Telephone: 5752617 Address: Ali Nihat Tarlan Cd. Değirmenyolu Sk. No:12 İçerenköy
  • yarn, yarns, thread, regenerated fibers, cotton yarn, polyester yarn, acrylic yarn, cotton polyester blended yarns
    Tekin family who was dealing with textile, weaving, knitting, dyeing and printed fabric business for three generations, more than 70 years, established Tekin İplik Tekstil San. ve
    Telephone: +90 276 266 83 10 / +90 276 266 83 44 Address: Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 103. Cadde, No: 201, Usak, Turkey
  • blended yarn, combed cotton yarn, cotton linen blended yarns, cotton linen yarn, cotton yarn, linen yarn, polyester yarn, semi wet spun yarn, spun yarn, thread, viscose ring yarn, viscose yarn, yarn
    TEKSAFIL IPLIK was established in Istanbul in order to meet yarn requirements in domestic and foreign markets. Operating in compliance with international standards, Teksafil Iplik
    Telephone: +90 212 415 51 00 Address: Prof. Muammer Aksoy Cad., No: 30, Olivium Center, 1. Ofis Kati, Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, Turkey
  • yarn, yarns, cotton yarn, spandex yarn, metallic yarn, special blended yarns, viscose yarn
    Telephone: 4380629 Address: Tem Yolu Üzeri Tekstilkent Koza Plaza B Blok No:15 Esenler
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