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  • clutch brake systems, clutch brake system accessories, automobile brake parts, automotive brake system parts, brake shoes, brake pads, linings, clutch discs, clutch disc, type of brake lining, brake lining
    ARAN Clutch Disc Clutch Cover Manufacturing and Industry Ltd.Co. Dear Sirs We have pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as one of the most reputable manufacturer &
    Telephone: +90 332 249 94 88 Address: Anadolu San. Sit. Zerdali Sok. No: 67-69 Selçuklu / Konya, Turkey
  • brake pad, brake pads, industrial brake pad, industrial brake pads, brake pads for rail systems, brak pad for rail systems, disc brake lining, disc brake linings, rail brake pad, rail brake pads, brake discs, brake disc, drum, drums, clutch lining, clutch linings, brake shoes, brake shoe, roll brake lining, roll brake linings, clutch facing, clutch facings, brake lining, brake linings, motorcycle brake pad, motorcycle brade pads, commercial vehicle brake pad, commercial vehicle brake pads, disc
    Beşer Balatacılık A.Ş., established in 1969, is the largest brake lining manufacturer in the Turkey market with 700 employees and 8,000 tons of brakes and 3,500,000 sets of Disc
    Telephone: +90 232 2525420 Address: Esbas Ege Serbest Bölgesi, Ayhan Sokak, No.20 Gaziemir Izmır, Turkey
  • air springs, auto spare parts, wheel, wheels, auto spares, automatic brake adjuster, automotive spare parts, automotive spares, brake chamber, brake disc, brake drum, brake shoes, cabin blower, caliper repair kits, flywheel, flywheels, iveco brake parts, mechanic brake adjuster, wheel hub, wheel nut, wheel nut for commercial vehicles, wheel nut for heavy commercial vehicles, wheel nuts
    Büyük Eker Bijon Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S, which was founded as a small workshop in 1984, maintains its production facility in a factory of 36.000m² open area included 23.000m²
    Telephone: +90 332 239 14 20 Address: 3.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 9.Sokak No:29 - Konya, Turkey
  • aluminium, aluminum, aluminum, aluminium, brake shoes, brake plates, brake shoe repair kits, s-cam shafts, abs gear rings, clutch bearings, bearings, rollers, ball bearings, roller bearings, release bearings, automotive bearings, cnc bearings, bushings, needle bearings, needle rollers, needle roller bearings, linear bearings, sigma profiles, aluminum sigma profiles, aluminium sigma profiles, cable carriers, v-belts, belts, timing belts, brake shoe, brake plate, brake shoe repair kit, s-cam shaft, abs gear ring, clutch bearin
    CAN GROUP was located in Mehmet CAN BILYA, which was founded in 1959 and started to produce production in this sector. CAN GROUP have automation based production line,
    Telephone: +90 332 345 03 30 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Aslım Cad., No: 48/E, Konya, Turkey
  • Wheel, Ratchet, Clutch Linings, wheel, wheels, Disc Brake Lining, Industrial Lining For, Brake Drum, Brake, Brake Shoes, Caliper Repair Kit, Drum Linings, Rivet, Roll Linings, Sensor Cable, Suspension Bellows, Valves, Oil Brake Linings, Gasket
    We are dealing in automotive business mainly; brake pads and its
    Telephone: +902163133918 Address: Imes San Sit A Blok 107.Sok No34 Y.Dudullu Ümraniye İstanbul, Turkey
  • brake shoes, brake supports, manifolds, suspension brackets
    Products : Brake shoes, brake supports, suspension brackets, manifoldsStandards : ISO/TS 16949:2002, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000Trade Marks
    Telephone: 0090-282-6514393 Address: Tekirdağ Yolu 2.Km 59850 Çorlu Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • brakes, brake parts, commercial vehicle brakes, brake shoes, brake discs, disc brake body, torque plate, disc brake caliper, flywheel housting, brake brackets, brake spider, drum, hub, steering knuckle, differential housing
    Ege Fren Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş, have been established on January 23st 1987 by Otomobilcilik A.Ş. (%51) an affiliate of Özakat Holding, and Rockwell International Finance Co.
    Telephone: +902323973698 Address: 7405/2 Sokak No:4 Pınarbaşı, Turkey
  • wheel nuts, wheel nut, wheel, wheels, wheel nut for heavy commercial vehicles, wheel nut for commercial vehicles, mechanic brake adjuster, automatic brake adjuster, brake disc, brake drum, iveco brake parts, cabin blower, wheel hub, flywheel, flywheels, brake chamber, air springs, caliper repair kits, brake shoes, brake pads, gray iron casting, ductile iron casting, spheroidal casting
    Büyük Eker Bijon Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S, which was founded as a small workshop in 1984, maintains its production facility in a factory of 36.000m² open area included 23.000m²
    Telephone: +90 332 239 14 20 Address: Kos Sanayi Bölgesi Büyük Kayacak Mh. 9.Sk No:29 Selçuklu / Konya, Turkey
  • brake shoes, cr-ni grill, ductile iron cast iron, valve parts, hammers, hub show
    Telephone: 0364 254 9097 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 8 Cad No:26, Turkey
  • drum brake linings, off-road brake linings, disc brake pads, motorcycle brake shoes, motorcycle brake pads, industrial friction materials, railway applications, subway applications
    EREN BRAKE CO. was established in 1990. We have been working to develop our own manufacturing technology in friction materials since we establised. We have six kinds of products
    Telephone: +902328770412 Address: 13 Sokak No:6 Kosbı Kemalpasa, Turkey
  • automatic slack adjusters, manual slack adjusters, brake chambers, brake shoes, clutch servos, center bearing
    We, Heavy Duty Brake Ltd, are a manufacturer, we are a professional, high efficient team, our team have 20 years experience in production field of brake technology for heavy duty
    Telephone: +86 20 36864560  Address: No.222,Yingbin Avenue, Huadu District,Guangzhou
  • brake systems, brake linings, balatas, clutch discs, brake shoes, brake pads, brake lining pads, disc brake pads, drum brake linings, automotive brake systems, automotive brake linings, automotive balatas, automotive clutch discs, automotive brake shoes, automotive brake pads, automotive brake lining pads, automotive disc brake pads, automotive drum brake linings, auto brake systems, turkish brake systems, turkish brake linings, turkish balatas, turkish clutch discs, turkish brake shoes
    Kale Balata A.Ş. was established in Maslak, İstanbul in 1976 to produce brake pads, brake linings and clutch facings. In an effort to meet OE and AM customers’ demands, the
    Telephone: +90 262 744 03 86 Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, İstanbul Caddesi, No:3, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • bellows, brake bellows, wheel wheels, brake bellows, emergency brake boots, service brake bellows, spare wheel brake spare parts spare parts, emergency service brake bellows repair kits, dry air tables, defransiyel, dry air table axle, brake shoes, pads, shoe springs, table miller, tabla snowmen, table spare parts, yellow bushes, table leggings, shoe repair kits, Valve Valves, air tubes, oil tanks, caliper repair kits, safety brake repair kits
    Telephone: + 90 332 239 03 05  Address: Konya Organize Sanayi Böl. Küçükyıldız sokak No: 6 Konya
  • vehicle brake systems, brake system, brake pads, recirculation pump, auto joints, shock absorbers, brake and clutch master cylinder, clutch parts, clutch spare parts, brake parts, brake spare parts, axle heads, axles, front suspension parts, brake shoes, brake systems, brake system components, brake system spare parts, auto brake system, auto brake parts, auto brake spare parts, auto clutch parts, auto clutch spare parts, brake discs, brake drum, car wipers, auto wipers, wiper blades
    “Motor Otomotiv” is one of leading companies in the automotive sector and it has been established in 1954. The main principle of company is to give a satisfaction to our
    Telephone: +90 212 352 76 66 Address: Garanti Mah. Yanarsu Sk. Çelik Apt. No: 58 D: 3 Etiler - İstanbul, Turkey
  • auto spare parts, general auto spare parts, automobile spare parts, light commercial vehicle spare parts, shock absorber, brake lining, brake parts, auto brake systems, brake discs, brake shoes, shoe lining, brake cylinder, brake main center, auto electrical parts, sensors, parking sensors, filters, air filter, oil filter, fuel filters, auto front side suspensions, wipers, battery, spark plug, engine oils, gear oils, industrial oils, radiators, headlight, signal lights, stop lights, fog lights
    Our company was established in Istanbul in 1999. The founders have 30 year experience in the sector. And we intend to offer the best qualified services to our dealers with young,
    Telephone: +90 216 575 30 56 Address: Huzurhoca Sok. No: 36/E Ataşehir - İçerenköy - İstanbul, Turkey
  • tractor parts, tractor spare parts, hydraulic transmission, piston rings, balatas, brake linings, clutch discs, brake shoes, gaskets, seals, liners, plate washers, steel sheets, tractor piston rings, tractor balatas, tractor brake linings, tractor clutch discs, tractor brake shoes, tractor gaskets, tractor seals, tractor liners, tractor plate washers, oil seals, tractor oil seals, tractor part, tractor spare part, piston ring, balata, brake lining, clutch disc, gasket, seal, liner, plate washer, steel sheet, tractor piston ring, tractor balata, tractor brake lining, tractor clutch disc, tractor gasket, tractor seal, tractor liner, tractor plate washer, oil seal, tractor oil seal
    Our company which was established in 1984 with 22 years of business experience, sells tractors, spare parts, hydraulic, gearboxes and engine segms. In order to increase the
    Telephone: +90 332 236 72 64 Address: Anadolu sanayi, horozluhan mahallesi, güven caddesi, no:130-132, Konya, Turkey
  • brake linings, clutch discs, rear linings, clutch linings, brake pads, brake shoes, bonded brake linings, thin linings, thick linings, auto parts, automotive parts, auto spares, automotive spares, auto spare parts, automotive spare parts, brake lining, clutch disc, rear lining, clutch lining, brake pad, brake shoe, bonded brake lining, thin lining, thick lining, auto part, automotive part, auto spare, automotive spare, auto spare part, automotive spare part
    Telephone: +90 532 254 94 75 Address: Uyanış Mah., Gülbaba Cad., 66A, Keçiören, Ankara, Turkey
  • brake systems, brake shoes, dust shields, steering column systems, steering columns, cardan shafts, bracingbars, joints, hinges, axle coupling components, lower links, linch pins, axle nust, clamps, driver cap lifting systems, cylinder siave assys, gear
    Company was founded by Mr. Ibrahim Öztürk for manufacturing tools and dies. 1971 Investment for new product line door and window mechanisms for BMC commercial vehicles
    Telephone: 902328871609 Address: Ankara Asfaltı 30. Km Kemalpaşa İzmir, Turkey
  • auto spare parts, automotive spare parts, lower arms, clutch forks, bushings, tie rods, steering knuckles, rod ends, tie rod ends, tie-rods, engine mounts, damper mounts, fuel feed pumps, repair kits, gaskets, filters, boots, brake linings, linings, brake shoes, brake lining pads, auto spare part, automotive spare part, lower arm, clutch fork, bushing, tie rod, steering knuckle, rod end, tie rod end, tie-rod, engine mount, damper mount, fuel feed pump, repair kit, gasket, filter, boot, brake lin
    Company Profile In Istanbul in 1986, we have built our company has been exporting auto spare parts in Iraq and Algeria. Manufacturers of goods due to delays in hiring ourselves
    Telephone: +90 216 365 03 88-89 Address: Necip Fazıl Mahallesi, Kübra Sokak, No: 1/EZ, A5 Blok, Ekşioğlu Evrensel Sitesi, Dudullu, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
  • automotive spare parts, auto spare parts, auto parts, automotive parts, automotive spares, auto spares, volkswagen parts, bmw parts, mercedes parts, opel parts, porsche parts, mini cooper parts, tie rods, steering knuckles, bearings, stabilizer rubbers, axle shafts, ball joints, radiator seals, linings, brake shoes, brake lining pads, brake linings, silentblocks, arm bushings, automotive spare part, auto spare part, auto part, automotive part, automotive spare, auto spare, volkswagen part, bmw part, mercedes part, opel part, porsche part, mini cooper part, tie rod, steering knuckle, bearing, stabilizer rubber, axle shaft, ball joint, radiator seal, lining, brake shoe, brake lining pad, brake lining, silentblock, arm bushing
    Our goal is to provide quality service in automotive and related sectors by combining the strength of the brands we represent with transparency, honesty and determination with
    Telephone: +90 535 226 19 07 Address: Fatih Mah. Kupa Sk. No: 9/11, Konya, Turkey
  • power press automation systems, cutting patterns, coating patterns, form patterns, moulds, molds, progressive moulds, progressive molds, shock absorber parts, galvanized shock absorber parts, cabinet locks, chassis parts, chassis and body parts, brake shoes, cabinet locks, cabinet parts, chair rails, sheet metal body parts, hand brake, pedal mechanism, spare parts, spare part, automotive part, automotive parts, pedal mechanic, cabinets, cabinet part, chair rail
    Uçar Metal Machinery Automotive Parts Ind. and Trade Co. is located on 5000 m² area .Our company makes mass production which bases on automation.The company is dealing with a
    Telephone: +90-262 655 60 18 Address: Sira Sögütler Mah.Beyazit Cd.1684.Sok.No:9, 41410 Gebze - Kocaeli, Turkey
  • brake repair kits, foundation brake, air brake components, auto axle, auto chassis, auto body parts, auto suspension parts, caliper adjusting mechanism, caliper mechanism, caliper tappet, seal repair kit, auto parts, auto spare parts, car parts, car spare parts, wedge brake repair kits, Z-cam brake repair kits, brake shoes, brake disc, brake discs, brake parts, brake spare parts, air brake parts, air brake spare parts, air brake actuators, air brake valves, air hoses, air couplings, coupling, co
    Our company YKS OTOMOTIV Ltd. is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of aftermarket products for commercial vehicles. We are located in Konya, Turkey, which is major
    Telephone: +90 332 251 01 00 Address: Horozluhan Mahallesi, Hisarköy Sokak, No: 21, Konya, Türkiye
  • automotive spare parts, disc brake lining, team lining, brake disc, brake drum, suspensi̇on air spring, cabin air spri̇ng, brake chambers, brake adjuster, brake shoes, wheel hub, wheel bolt, shock absorber, wheel, wheels
    Telephone: 6713606 Address: İkitelli OSB. Dolapdere San. Sit. 20 Ada No:11 Başakşehir
  • auto parts, automotive spare parts, brake pads, brake shoes, brake system parts, car parts, car spare parts, engine bearing, engine bushes, engine pistons, gasket kits, piston rings, timing belt, timing kit, water pumps
    Ergin Otomotiv San. ve Tic. Ltd is the stockist, wholesaler and importer of automotive spare parts in Turkey. Ergin Otomotiv was established in 1996 and is located in Istanbul,
    Telephone: +90 212 224 53 30 / +90 212 224 93 42  Address: Izzet Pasa Mahallesi, Ayazma Sokak, No: 23/K3, Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey
  • basic dynamic brake test kit for car, basic dynamic brake test kit for commercial vehicle, caorle sandpapering and riveting machines for brake shoes, parlok mudguards, rear marking plates retroreflective, sdt leak detector, side guards, spray suppression, toolboxes, wira parts cataloge conventional, wira parts cataloge push-in
    Frenteknik is established in 28th May 1990 by Alpay LÖK. It′s consisting 15 employees 4th of them engineers. Our company′s activies are -
    Telephone: +90 212 671 01 98 Address: Dolapdere San. Sitesi 17. Ada No:52 İkitelli İstanbul, Turkey
  • auto part, automotive part, brake, brake lining, brake pad, brake shoes, brake system, car part, car spare part, innovative organic brake, nao brake pad
    automotive part, auto part, car part, car spare part, brake, brake system, brake pad, brake shoes, brake lining, NAO brake pad, innovative organic
    Telephone: 86-010-53601375 Address: Linyuan Industrial Zone, Linyuan, Liaoning, China
  • actros, brake linings, brake pads, brake shoes, car spare parts, fiat, ford, isuzu, iveco, man, opel, truck spare parts, volkswagen, volvo
    OEM manufacturer of brake pads, linings and shoes for Trucks and passenger
    Telephone: +902627440386 Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. İstanbul Cad. No:341420 Gebze / Kocaeli, Turkey
  • brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotor
    we are a brake shoes and brake pads factory,founded in
    Telephone: 008653267794002 Address: daozhuang country,dawang economic development zone,Dongying city,Shandong province,China
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