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  • structure, construction, construction materials, door, window, construction chemicals, exterior applications, roofing, insulation, cement, mortar, structural iron, mold scaffolding, infrastructure products, work machines, floor coverings, tile, bathroom accessories, toilet accessories, plumbing materials, lifts, escalators, decoration, interior architecture, structural steels, prefabricated structures, interior paint, exterior paint, building windows
    We manufacture and supply structure, construction, construction materials, door, window, construction chemicals, exterior applications, roofing, insulation, cement, mortar,
    Telephone: +90 462 322 11 60 Address: Kemerkaya Mh. Maraş Cd. Sonat İş Hanı, Kat: 3/4, Ortahisar, Trabzon, Turkey
  • aluminum, aluminium, build, structure, insulation, insulation products, thermal sheathing, wrapping products, interior paint, exterior paint, construction chemicals, building chemistry, plaster, adhesive, concrete admixtures, bathroom accessories, in the park, paving, paint, paints, interior paint, exterior paint, paint, paints, mirrors, taping cabinets, battery, taps, melamine products, metal products, reservoir, armature, armatures, aluminum casement doors, partition wall system, laminated par
    In 1986, our company was the first company to undertake construction of duplexes and triplex villas in and around Istanbul. Also makes Turkey's leading building materials since
    Telephone: +90 212 565 95 50 Address: Akçaburgaz Mah. Hadımköyyolu Cad., Seymen İş Merkezi, No: 182/4, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • building materials, construction materials, paints, synthetic paints, construction chemicals, insulating materials, heat insulating materials, building paints, construction paints, water based paints, interior paints, exterior paints, wood protective coatings, spray paints, thermal insulation paints, paint rollers, insulating primers, mantle systems, exterior coatings, plasters, floor systems, braid charges, baumit, jotun, roof waterproofing systems, wet space waterproofing systems, gross concret
    Senka Construction was founded in 1992 by Selehatin KORKMAZ. We are in the effort to offer the best, the most quality and the fastest service to our valued customers. In a very
    Telephone: +90 212 880 85 08 Address: Gürpınar Mahallesi, Kemalpaşa Caddesi, No: 20, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey
  • paints, building paints, interior paints, exterior paints, synthetic paints, construction chemicals, housepaints, interior wall paints, exterior wall paints, wall paints, ceiling paints, primers, interior primers, exterior primers, interior wall primers, exterior wall primers, fillers, undercoats, primings, thinners, paint thinners, foam paints, auto polishes, silicone paints, silicone liquid polishes, silicone auto polishes, paint, building paint, interior paint, exterior paint, synthetic paint, construction chemical, housepaint, interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, wall paint, ceiling paint, primer, interior primer, exterior primer, interior wall primer, exterior wall primer, filler, undercoat, priming, thinner, paint thinner, foam paint, auto polish, silicone paint, silicone liquid polish, silicone auto polish
    ÇBS Boya starting with construction paints in 1953 in Istanbul to be the "Powerful Paint" of Turkey has been one of the biggest with the highest production and trade volume and
    Telephone: +903922368777 Address: Aslanköy, Gazimağusa, KKTC
  • interior decorations, sidings, sidings, siding products, construction chemicals, thermal insulation adhesives, insulation plasters, decorative plasters, paints, building paints, interior paints, exterior paints, silicone paints, mouldings, patterned mouldings, exterior coverings, claddings, exterior claddings, patterned claddings, window frames, window heads, sills, window sills, decorative profiles, corbels, corner profiles, key stones, u profiles, columns, facades, external facades, interior decoration, siding, siding, siding, Absorb, absorbtance surfaces, acrylic paint, adhesives, antibacterial joint filler, application area, art pearl, bitumen primer, building paint, chemicals, decorative plaster, epoxy, exterior paint, fixing mortar, glue, plaster, marble adhesive, granite adhesive, ceramic glue, insulation products, water insulation, liquid membrane, mortar, natural stone, gyps, gypsum, cement, epoxy primer, concerete plaster, sateen paint, sheating panels, sheating panel, silicone, thermal insulation, thermal isolation, water proof, water repellent, wooden texture panels, polymer, acrylic, joint filler, cooblestone, frame, window frame, grout mortar, bitumen, joint compound
    Professional Solutions for Professionals Since 1985, our company has been growing and signing lots of projects in construction and textile areas in Bursa, while producing
    Telephone: +90 224 373 01 83 Address: Gürsu Org. San. Böl. Sahra Cad. No: 6/B, Gürsu, Bursa, Turkey
  • steel construction, steel constructions, nail, nails, construction nails, building materials, construction materials, water tank, water tanks, facade cladding, eps foam panel, eps foam panels, eps panel, eps panels, foam panel, foam panels, insulation materials, jacketing materials, jacketing, building chemicals, plastic water tank, plastic water tanks, wire, wires, steel wire, stainless steel wire, stainless steel wires, concrete nails, hardware, baling wire, baling wires, annealed baling wire
    Our company, which started to industrialize with the production of construction nails in 1989, expanded its production line by producing products such as Annealed wire, straw
    Telephone: +90 368 315 16 16 Address: Hükümet Cad. No:20, Boyabat, Sinop, Turkey
  • cement, white cement, pozzolanic cement, pozzolanic, portland cement, portland-limestone cement, portland limestone cement, limestone cement, plant-mixed concrete, ready-mixed concrete, ready mixed concrete, prepacked concrete, bag concrete, air slaked lime, powdered lime, whiting, pulverized lime, calcite, construction chemical, pumice concrete, gas concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete, aerated concrete, gas concrete block, light concrete, lightweight concrete, construction material, building material, building chemical, slack lime, air-slaked lime, hydrated lime, slacked lime, calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, neat lime, pumice, gray cement, 42, 5 cement, 52, 5 cement, 32, 5 n cement, 42.5 r cement, 32, 5 cement, 42, 5 portland cement, cements, white cements, pozzolanic cements, pozzolanics, portland cements, portland-limestone cements, portland limestone cements, limestone cements, plant-mixed concretes, ready-mixed concretes, ready mixed concretes, prepacked concretes, bag concretes, air slaked limes, powdered limes, whitings, pulverized limes, calcites, construction chemicals, pumice concretes, gas concretes, autoclaved aerated concretes, aerated concretes, gas concrete blocks, light concretes, lightweight concretes, construction materials, building materials, building chemicals, slack limes, air-slaked limes, hydrated limes, slacked limes, calcium hydroxides, calcium carbonates, neat limes, pumices, gray cements, 42, 5 cements, 52, 5 cements, 32, 5 n cements, 42.5 r cements, 32, 5 cements, 42, 5 portland cements
    EGE-CEMENT CEMENT, which is active in the cement and construction sector; It offers the best service with its corporate structure, different vision and future perspective. We
    Telephone: +90 538 636 90 95  Address: Altıntop Mahallesi 1591 sokak No:13/15, Merkezefendi, Denizli, Turkey
  • roof, isolation, construction chemicals, tile, roofing, building construction
    Telephone: 05434351045 Address: postane mah hacılar cad muhacır sk no 8 tuzla
  • industrial products, construction materials, building materials, surface hardener, construction chemicals, building chemicals
    Telephone: 4462000 Address: YILDIZ MAHALLESİ 206/25 SK. NO:12/D BUCA / İZMİR
  • chemicals, building, construction, structures, building chemicals
    Telephone: 90 (482) 4152173 Address: GIRNAVAS MAH.İPEKYOLU CAD.SANAYİ SİT.YANI, MARDIN, TURKEY
  • construction materials, building chemicals, infrastructure works, shopping mall, business center
  • chemical, chemicals, construction, build, building
    Telephone: (342) 235-14-67 Address: KÖRKÜN MAH. SABAHATTİN ÇAKMAKOĞLU CAD. NO: 28/1 OĞUZELİ GAZİANTEP
  • plaster, plasterboard, construction chemicals, plaster ceiling floor panels, construction products, building products, waterproofing, putty filler
    Telephone: 0.222.236 21 45 Address: OSB MAHALLESİ 9.CAD NO:45
  • construction materials, join mortar, ready mortar, cement, building materials, building chemicals
    Telephone: 3291326-3860103 Address: 8072 SK. NO:22/A / İZMİR
  • build, building, construction, chemistry, chemical, chemicals, machine, machines, machinery
    Telephone: 3128154364 Address: Saray Mahallesi.Dağyaka Caddesi No:7 Sarayköy KAHRAMANKAZAN/ANKARA
  • building chemicals, construction, structures, building
    Telephone: 90 (412) 3450181 Address: ORGANİZE SAN.BÖL.2.ETAP, DIYARBAKIR, TURKEY
  • kitchen hardware, bathroom hardware, luminaires, project consulting, site consulting, technical support, one-stop solution, lighting, communication, elevator, building automation, pipes and tubes, water treatment, pure water facilities, heating and ventilation system, paints, building chemicals, insulation, doors, windows
    Telephone: 2525725-26 Address: HAVA EĞİTİM YOLU NO:12/C GAZİEMİR /İZMİR
  • construction chemicals, chemicals, mould, construction, mold, structure, building, building products, construction materials
    Telephone: 0344 225 93 00 Address: Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
  • chemicals, chemical materials, building chemicals, paints, building paints, wall piants
    Telephone: 4588894 Address: KEMALPAŞA CADDESI NO:36/A ÇAMDİBİ / İZMİR
  • aluminum composite panel, aluminum profile systems, aluminum standard profiles, glass balcony systems, facade systems, joinery systems, solar energy profiles, handrail and accessory systems, furniture and decoration profiles, motorized shutters and shutter systems, automatic door systems, fly screen systems, sliding systems, building and ındustrial systems, hardware group and construction chemicals
    Telephone: 90 216 5618245 Address: ADEM YAVUZ MAHALLESİ ALİ YÜKSEL SOKAK NO:37/2-3, ÜMRANİYE, İSTANBUL
  • decorative dye, interior paint, outdoor paint, synthetic paint, furniture paint, building chemicals
  • jacketing, sheathing, mould, construction, building, structures, construction chemicals
  • structure, building, chemicals, construction chemicals
    Telephone: (342) 241-22-23 Address: AYDINLAR MAH. 03058 CAD.NO:37 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • build, building, concrete, concrete chemicals, concrete special products, construction, construction material, construction materials, engineering, repair and filling mortars, waterproofing materials
    Telephone: 3486282 Address: MANSUROĞLU MAHALLESİ 283/1 SOK. NO:13/A-B BAYRAKLI / İZMİR
  • gypsum plaster, insulation systems, building chemicals, floor hardener
  • chemicals, construction chemicals, sealing, water sealing, fire-insulation, floor covering, building fire insulation, flooring, flooring products, flooring product, construction chemical products, construction chemical product
    Mundo Chemical Industries and Trade Inc. was founded in 1992 by Sevinç and İhsan KARADEMİRLER. In the beginning, the textile main chemicals trade was supported with imports from
    Telephone: 0 (224) 246 50 00 Address: Yeni Karaman Mah. Kantar Sok. No:5 Osmangazi, Bursa
  • paint, chemicals, building chemicals, ceiling paints, wall paints, automotive paints
    Telephone: (0342)337 93 80 Address: 3. OSB 83318 NOLU CADDE NO:8, Gaziantep
  • construction chemicals, structural strengthening, building reinforcement, water sealing, concrete cutter, building materials, construction products
    Telephone: 4577717 Address: 1202/2 SOKAK NO:99-T BEŞİKÇİOĞLU İŞ MERK. YENİŞEHİR / İZMİR
  • construction, building, construction chemicals
    Telephone: 90 (422) 2440474 Address: MALATYA, TURKEY
  • structural repair and retrofit, construction contracting and remodeling, construction chemicals applications, isolation applications, historic building reinforcement, steel structures project, port building, floor coverings
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