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  • bakery products, prepared foods, dairy products, Fame, egg, legumes, fresh vegetable fruit, meat products, frozen products, cooked products, drinks, macaroni, food additives, Canned, dry food, nuts, machine, work machines, machinery equipment, construction machines, industrial machines, special hydraulic machines, textile machines, food machines, pumps, press, drilling machines, molds, plastic machinery, textile, ladies' textile, men's textile, children's textile, ready-made clothing, fabric, fa
    We manufacture and supply bakery products, prepared foods, dairy products, Fame, egg, legumes, fresh vegetable fruit, meat products, frozen products, cooked products, drinks,
    Telephone: +90 530 783 85 66 Address: Yeniçağ Mah., Ragıp Tüzün Cad., Alemdar İş Merkezi, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
  • aluminum, aluminium, cutlery, punches, molds, micro fine blanking, aluminum, steel, fin molds, industrial fin dies, die punches, fin dies, slit dies, die punch, corner cuts, louvers, center notchings, slot staples, square staples, pipe cutters, pipe bending mandrels, collets, cutting blades
    We have been operating since 2011 and manufacturing tailor-made super precision fin dies punches and matrices. Our founder K. Tanrıkulu lead the way in special purpose punches and
    Telephone: +90 216 397 46 15 Address: Tuzla Deri OSB Yan Sanayi, İstif Sk. No:45-46-47, Aydınlı, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • industrial kitchen equipments, plate rack trolleys, copper pans, pans, steel pans, induction pans, masterchef pans, granite pans, steel wok pans, steak boards, pizza accessories, pizza pans, granite pizza pans, bain maries, aluminum fry pots, fish pans, casseroles, cake molds, chips baskets, serving baskets, bread baskets, fruit baskets, frying pans
    Altinbasak Kitchenware Co.Ltd has 30 years of experience in manufacturing high quality Professional Cookware items, such as Frying pans,Woks, Casserole, Omelette pans, Fajita
    Telephone: +90 212 612 10 02 Address: Yenidoğan Cad., Rami Kışla Cad., Erka Balata Sk. No: 13/A, Bayrampaşa, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • casting, castings, cast, moulds, molds, casting, mold casting, industrial molds, casting molds, foundry products
    Having been established in Eskisehir, company aims to be one of the leading firms in casting industry. Adopting customer satisfaction and product quality as its main principles,
    Telephone: +90 222 236 20 70 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 6. Cadde No: 24 Eskişehir - Turkey
  • egg tray machines, cable machines, tray machines, single rotary machines, double rotary machines, industrial carpet machines, euro pallet machines, moulds, aluminum moulds, molds, steel moulds, aluminum mould machines, steel mould machines, hot presses, ironing presses, manual hot presses, automatic hot presses, manual ironing presses, eggs tray machine, eggs tray machines, eggs tray machinery, printers, egg tray moulds, egg tray molds, pan trays
    Our company is manufacturing in international quality standards according to the developments in design and manufacturing Technologies. In our manufacturing are following
    Telephone: +90 541 784 25 74 Address: Zafer Mh., 1054 Sk., No: 5-1, Denizli, Turkey
  • molds, industrial molds, moulds, cnc machinery parts, workshop machinery parts, molds for cnc wire erosion, bending molds, cutting molds, press works, mold design, mould designs
    Bulus Kalip gives services in cutting, bending molds and press works with its prorfessiona staff. Company has operated in its factory since 1996. Adopting customer satisfaction as
    Telephone: +90 212 674 24 02 Address: Rami Kışla Cad. Gündoğar 1 İş Merkezi 84-97 Eyüp - İstanbul, Turkey
  • plastic injection molds, plastic injection mould, white good plastic molds, industrial plastic molds, plastic molds, plastic moulds, plastic mould, automotive molds, automotive moulds, industrial plastic moulds
    Çözüm Kalıp, was founded by Muhammed Ali Özcan in year 2001 at the address of Rami Apek Üretmen iş merkezi, Topçular, Eyüp, Istanbul, for the purpose of manufacturing industrial
    Telephone: +90 212 567 49 41 Address: Topçular Mh. Rami Kışla Cad. Apek Üretmen İş Merkezi, A Blok No: 89 / 77 34055 Eyüp, İstanbul, Turkey
  • molds, moulds, crimping machine molds, crimping machine parts, spare parts for crimping machine, molds for crimping machine, machinery molds, plastic injection, plastic injection products, industrial molds, industrial moulds, plastic molds, metal injection molds, plastic injection molds, industrial molds, plastic industrial molds, metal industrial molds
    Duran Kalıp manufactures machinery molds and spare parts for machinery in order to meet reqirements in domestic and foreign markets. Company makes investments in the direction of
    Telephone: +90 212 565 15 80 / +90 533 624 53 47 Address: Terazidere Mh. Park Sk. Umar İş Hanı No: 19 Kat: 2 Dükkan No: 5 Terazidere Bayrampaşa İstanbul, Turkey
  • inclined belt conveyor, industrial packaging, conveyors, conveyor, assembly lines, steel drum recycling, special molds, molds for drums, molds for bottles, bottle drums, drum molds, barrel molds, barrel manufacturing, barrel recycling, barrel recycling equipments, barrel manufacturing machines, plastic drum manufacturing, plastic drum manufacturing equipments, cnc machines, cnc lathe, cnc machining, step conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, step conveyor, roller conveyors, steel drum prod
    Gurteksan is located in the region where industrial enterprises are most concentrated in Turkey. The founders of the company are composed of competent persons who have been
    Telephone: +90 533 770 40 52 Address: Gürteksan Makina San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. Köşklü Çeşme Mah. Yeni Bağdat Cad. No: 126, Gebze, Turkey
  • automotive parts, spare parts, casting, aluminium casting, low pressure die casting, low pressure die casting machine, gravity die casting machine, low pressure die casting furnace, high pressure die casting machine, production machinery, perforated filters, die casting molds, casting moulds, degassing machine, leakage test machine, wheels, aluminum wheels, impact test machine, industrial furnaces, melting furnace, holding furnace, heat treatment furnace, aluminum alloys, aluminum recycling
    Irmak Consultancy manufactures technological machines with its 30 year knowledge and experience at automotive, machine and casting sectors and gives administrative, technological
    Telephone: +90 552 272 94 17 Address: Yeni Mah., Bahtiyar Tosunbaş Cad., No: 14/1, Manisa, Turkey
  • sheet metal forming, metal forming, machining, zinc coating, metal molds, plastic molds, metal molds, plastic molds, welding works, industrial automation, home appliances parts, metal, metals, metal formings, metal mold, sheet metal formings, machinings, welding work, industrial automations, home appliances part, plastic mold, plastic, plastics
    Having started its business life by manufacturing spare parts for Tofas Fiat, one of the leading firms in automobile industry of Turkey, in a small workshop which was located on
    Telephone: +90 222 236 10 20  Address: Organize San. Böl. Teknoloji Bulv.13.Cd No:11 Eskişehir - Turkey
  • molds, moulds, machinery molds, plastic injection, plastic injection products, aluminium profiles, aluminium profile, aluminum profiles, industrial molds, industrial moulds
    Kamer Kalip started its business life by manufacturing molds in 1997. Starting with molds manufacturing in the early years, company started to be active in plastic injection and
    Telephone: +90 224 215 16 59 Address: Küçük Balıklı Mah. Şanlı Cad. Şenol Sk. No:5 Osmangazi / Bursa, Turkey
  • machines, industrial machines, machine tools, machine equipments, metal processing machines, metal working machines, lathes, turning machines, lathe tools, lathe equipments, turning machine tools, turning machine equipments, metal processing tools, metal processing equipments, metal processing machine tools, metal processing machine equipments, welding fixtures, perforation apparatuses, multiple perforation apparatuses, balancer gears, sheet iron dies, dies, metal dies, molds, metal molds, sheet
    Since established, Kuzey Metal Makina has continued its activities as a leading and exemplary company in the engineering sector adopting the principle of unconditional customer
    Telephone: +90 262 724 81 39 Address: Tavşanlı Köyü İnönü Caddesi No: 6/A 6/B Gebze - Kocaeli, Turkey
  • industrial products, oils, industrial materials, steel, medical implants, molds, plasfic injections products, all kind of industrials goods, quoting, audit of suppliers, audit, deadline, deadline monitoring, packaging, shipping
    Optimal Teknik is optimal supply chain management in terms of strategic sourcing with a focus drawing parts and assemblies in the procurement market Turkey.
    Telephone: +90 532 671 59 22 Address: Ikitelli Organize San. Bol Sefakoy San. Sit 3.Blk No:16 BASAKSEHIR ISTANBUL TURKEY
  • conveyor, conveyors, conveyor systems, molds, moulds, moulding, mold, injection molds, plastic injection molds, plastic injection moulds, industrial conveyor systems, machinery parts, machine parts, conveyor parts, conveyor system parts, conveyor components, conveyor feeding systems, conveyor feeding equipments, molds for plastic machinery, plastic machinery molds, plastic injection machinery molds
    As OSS Makina we manufacture and supply conveyor, conveyors, conveyor systems, molds, moulds, moulding, mold, injection molds, plastic injection molds, plastic injection moulds,
    Telephone: +90 212 454 00 00 Address: İzmit Sanayi Sitesi, 14 Cad., 13 Blok, No: 25, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • moulds, injection moulds, moulding, molds, machinery moulds, industrial moulds
    Telephone: 90224 411 13 52 Address: NOSAB MEŞE CADDE NO:12bursa- turkey
  • molds, industrial molds, moulds, cnc machinery parts, workshop machinery parts, spare parts for grinding machinery, molds for cnc wire erosion, spare parts for punching machinery, eccentric press parts, molds for eccentric press
    ASINA KALIP was established for meeting requirements of domestic and foreign market. Manufacturing molds and spare parts for workshop machinery, company considers product quality
    Telephone: +90 216 396 15 99 Address: Kavakpınar Mah. Vatan Cad. Kavakpınar San. Sit. A Blok No.10 Pendik İstanbul, Turkey
  • textile accessories, jeans buttons, snap molds, rivet molds, trappings, eyelets molds, capsule button, industrial molds, industrial moulds
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of textile accessories, jeans buttons, snap molds, rivet molds, trappings, eyelets molds, capsule button, industrial molds, industrial
    Telephone: +90 212 643 60 56 Address: İkitelli O.S.B. Dersankoop San. Sit. S6F Blok No: 225 İKİTELLİ, İSTANBUL, TURKEY
  • araldite molds, auto insulation molds, casting products, control fixtures, foam mold, foam molds for auto seat, foam moulding, foundry products, industrial molds, inset molds, inset moulding, iron casting, molds, molds for inner insulation of car, packaging molds, packaging moulds, packaging styropor for white goods, steel casting, styrofoam molds, styropor casting products
    Our company was established for the purpose of manufcaturing molds and casting products for all kinds of industries primarily for automotive industry. Company has been an
    Telephone: +90 224 411 03 38 Address: Nosab Dökümcüler Sitesi 103.Sok. No:25 Nilüfer/Bursa, Turkey
  • machinery molds, molds, mold, industrial molds, plasticc injection molds, injection molds
    Telephone: (90)(232) 479 10 66 Address: KEMALPAŞA CAD. NO 12
  • industrial molds, industrial moulds, machinery molds, metal industrial molds, metal injection molds, molds, moulds, plastic industrial molds, plastic injection, plastic injection molds, plastic injection products, plastic molds
    FEDA MAKINE KALIP was established in Istanbul for meeting requirements of industry not only in domestic market but alsso in foreign market. Company's product range consists of all
    Telephone: +90 216 420 39 10 Address: İmes San. Sit. A Blok 102. Sk. No: 12 Ümraniye / İstanbul Turkey
  • cnc punching works, cnc works, industrial molds, punching works, sheet metal mold, wire erosion, wire erosion molds
    Having been established in Istanbul, company operates in wire erosion industry. Adopting customer satisfaction as its main principles, company aims to be a well known firm in the
    Telephone: +90 212 501 99 19 Address: Orta Mah,Yeni Maltepe Yolu Cad,Emintaş Ulubatlı Sanayi Sitesi Sitesi, D:21/25 Bayrampaşa İstanbul Turkey
  • cnc milling works, cnc works, seal molds, molds for seals, polyurethane molds, vacuum molds, moulds, molds, industrial molds, molds for auto, auto molds, assembly fittings, control fixtures, auto seats, seats for auto, car seats, cnc router works, gasket molds
    Starting its business life in automotive industry in 1995, company started to its activities with a cnc milling machine by Haydar Ozbudaklar. Company adopts product quality and
    Telephone: +90 224 482 46 64 - 65 Address: Çalı Org. San. Bölgesi Karaali Mh. Beyaz Cad. 8/A Nilüfer / Bursa, Turkey
  • metal sheet molds, sheet metal molds, industrial molds, mould, molds, mold, automotive molds, aviation molds, white goods molds, molds for white goods, molds for auto spare parts, molds for automotive, metal sheet molds for white goods, metal sheet molds for auto
    Having been established in 2003, Master Metal maintains its activities in 600m2 closed area which is located in Nilufer Organized Industrial Zone. Company gives services for
    Telephone: +90 224 411 04 94 Address: Nosab Dökümcüler Sitesi 106. Sokak No : 44 Nilüfer / Bursa, Turkey
  • molds, mouldings, conveyors, industrial conveyor, machinery parts
    Telephone: 9 0224 411 16 53 Address: NOSAB N.117 SOKAK NO:4bursa- turkey
  • molds, moulds, white goods molds, industrial molds, metal injection molds, plastic molds, plastic industrial molds, automotive molds, plastic injection dies
    Having been established in 2013, MUTASAN KALIP MAKINE IMALAT SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. operates in molds industry. Manufacturing molds for white goods, automotive and construction
    Telephone: +90 212 674 90 95 Address: Topcular Mah. Maltepe Cad. Kececi Is Merkezi No:2/25 Eyup Istanbul/Turkey
  • molds, moulds, machinery molds, plastic injection, plastic injection products, industrial molds, industrial moulds, plastic molds, metal injection molds, plastic injection molds, industrial molds, plastic industrial molds, metal industrial molds
    Having been established in Istanbul, company operates in mold industry. Aiming to be a well known company, PROKOP adopts customer satisfaction as its main principle and offer high
    Telephone: +90 212 855 24 10 / 11 Address: Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi Davutpasa Cad. No: 21 - 1 Bodrum Kat Beylikduzu - Istanbul - Turkey
  • industrial molds, molds, mold, mould, moulds, plastic injection molds, metal sheet molds, machinery molds, machinery spare parts, machinery parts, spare parts for machinery, spare parts for industrial equipments, workshop machinery, workshop equipments, equipments for workshop
    Adopting to offer best services for its customers, Segev considers its customers as its business partner and offer the best service with reasonable prices. We invite you to browse
    Telephone: +90 224 411 11 81 Address: Nosab Dokumacılar Sitesi 102. Sokak No:7 Nilüfer Bursa, Turkey
  • molds, moulds, magnetic complete moulds, isostatic punches, magnetic plates, control boards, magnetic punch holders, industrial moulds, ceramic moulds
    Turkey has an important position in the wold with 220 mil.sqm. production capacity for flor and wall tiles. Truva Kalıp Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş. is established to supply mould and
    Telephone: +90 212 875 77 08 Address: Beylikduzu Mevkii, Birlik Sanayi Sitesi, 7. Cadde, No: 16-18, Buyukcekmece, Istanbul, Turkey
  • industrial molds, industrial molds design, kitchen sink molds, machinery parts, machinery spare parts, mold sets, molds, mouldings, press brake molds, spare parts for machinery, workshop machinery parts
    Having been established in 1987, Yenilmez Makina started its business life with manufacturing of molds and spare parts for machinery by using boring machinery and shaper. Adding
    Telephone: +90 212 485 35 48 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Biksan Sanayi Sitesi B 2 Blok No: 35 İkitelli / İstanbul Turkey
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