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  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    Faf Valve Company was founded in 1986. The valves transport control and reflate in virtually every area of the water oil gas and sewage industries which benefit from our
    Telephone: +90 312 444 13 23 Address: Kazan Sanayi Bölgesi Serdaroğlu Sok. No: 4 Kazan/Ankara-Turkey
  • pumps, industriel pumps, water pumps, submersible pump, submersible motor, vertical turbine pump, motores submersas, stainless steel pump, casted pump, control panel, inox bombas, bombas submersas, bombas summergibles, bombas immergibles, motores immergibles, dalgıç pompa, dalgıç motor, horizantal multistage pump, borehole submersible pump, electrical submersible pump
    On the basis of the belief that in order for important advances numerous small steps need to be taken; our firm lent impetus to its operations which started in 1983 with the
    Telephone: +90 384 242 92 90 Address: Özel OSB, No:7, Nevşehir, Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    Yildiz Pompa is primarily engaged in the manufacture of industrial gear pumps that are widely used in the processing of viscose and semi-viscose liquids. Although most of our
    Telephone: +90 216 378 64 21 Address: Ramazanoğlu Mah. Kaynarca Cad. No:22 Kurtköy/Pendik/İstanbul-Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    Founded in 1988 in İzmir Turkey; DVD Valves produces a wide range of liquid flow management products to manage the vital element in our world. By focusing on quality; durability
    Telephone: +90 236 213 11 25-26 Address: Manisa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi; Osb 410 Cad. No:28; 45030 - Manisa-Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    Establishment dates back to 1962 as a branch of a group of companies producing water pump factory in Samsun Organized Industrial Zone Pump DOMAK the World pompacılığındaki
    Telephone: +90 362 2668050 Address: O.S.B. Adnan Kahveci Bul.No:46 Kutlukent - Samsun, Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    In 1985; established to manufacture rubber parts used in industrial materials FERKAN Inc. valve sector; white goods; automotive and various design and material properties of the
    Telephone: +90 224 384 13 73 Address: Ankara Yolu 17.Km No: 25; Kestel/Bursa-Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    Our company is one of the first valve production facilities of Turkey; which commenced operation with the name of “Termo Steam Equipments” in 1967. It was included within the body
    Telephone: +90 216 307 12 62 Address: Yayalar Cad. No: 78; 34916 Pendik/İstanbul-Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    This innovation introduces IMPO as quality products in the applications as supplying water for domestic use; for agricultural irrigation; for factory/hotel utility needs and for
    Telephone: +90 232 237 70 60 Address: Akçay Cad. No:99; 35410 Gaziemir/İzmir-Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    Our company was founded by Ö. Faruk Polatoğlu; who; as a civil engineer; was specialized in pump production and system calculations. Mr. Faruk got acquainted with the pumps first
    Telephone: +90 216 364 36 23 Address: İmes Sanayi Sitesi B Blok 207 Sokak No:3; Dudullu/Ümraniye/İstanbul-Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    Petroland designs and manufactures high quality gear pumps with experience from industrial fluid handling and pump manufacture for 20 years. We know what you as a customer
    Telephone: +90 216 634 45 00 Address: Alemdağ Cad. Güven Sanayi Sitesi R Blok No:8; Ümraniye/İstanbul-Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    SEMPA Ltd. Sti. In 1972; under the name of MSM in Konya Meram surface water pump in order to meet the needs of industry in the established. In 1989; surface waters; depending on
    Telephone: +90 332 345 32 90 Address: Fevziçakmak Mah. Busan Özel Organize Sanayi Sitesi 4.Sok No : 43/45/47 Karatay / Konya, Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    Soy Teknik Shipping and Industry Co-Ltd was established in 1996. Soy Teknik started its life as a shop that selling marine equipment to shipyards and ship owners. Our honest; face
    Telephone: +90 216 446 15 00 Address: Evliya Çelebi Mah. Rauf Orbay Cad. G-47 Sok. No:28 Tuzla / İstanbul, Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    Standart Pompa ve Hidrofor Sistemleri (Standart Pump and Water Booster Systems); Turkey's first domestic pump manufacturer now have the third generation has attracted attentions
    Telephone: +90 216 466 89 00 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi; 2. Cadde No:9; Esenkent/Ümraniye/İstanbul-Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    This day in 1991; a dynamic; efficient enterprise management and production principles; we have an example. Our understanding of quality of service both domestic and overseas
    Telephone: +90 212 501 53 70 / 544 77 66 Address: Demirkapı Caddesi; Apek İş Keçeci Merkezi No: 1/1; Demirkapı/Eyüp/İstanbul-Turkey
  • pumps, valves, industriel pumps, valve
    TEMPO Pump - Valve Industry; in 1974; stepped into the industry with engineering and consulting projects; carried out in 1977; the first production of pumps and valves. In the
    Telephone: +90 312 267 06 90 Address: 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi; Altınordu Cad. No: 6; 06935 Sincan/Ankara-Turkey
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