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  • Tempered Glass, curved glass, laminated glass, double glazing, building glass, insulating glass
    Telephone: (0282) 674 39 90 Address: Çorlu-Çerkezköy Yolu Üzeri Otoyol Kavşağı Kuştepe Mevkii No:25, Velimeşe OSB/Ergene/Tekirdağ
  • glasses, mirrors, glass bricks, glass floorings, photocell doors, painted glasses, glass doors, glass door accessories, float glasses, tempered glasses, isicam, solar control glasses, solar glasses, safety glasses, noise control glasses, decorative glasses, solar collector glasses, flat tempered glasses, curved tempered glasses, flat glasses, curved glasses, laminated glasses, flotal mirrors, decorative mirrors, radar doors, sliding doors, photocell sliding doors, radar sliding doors, photocell door systems, radar door systems, glass pavings, painted glass serigraphy printing, glass serigraphy printing, glass door locks, glass door handles, glass, mirror, glass brick, glass flooring, photocell door, painted glass, glass door, glass door accessory, float glass, tempered glass, solar control glass, solar glasse, safety glass, noise control glass, decorative glass, solar collector glass, flat tempered glass, curved tempered glass, flat glass, curved glass, laminated glass, flotal mirror, decorative mirror, radar door, sliding door, photocell sliding door, radar sliding door, photocell door system, radar door system, glass paving, glass door lock, glass door handle, Double Glazing, Security Glass, Enamel Glass, heat and solar control glass, low-e, solar low-e, reflected glass
    As Adana Cam, we started our journey in Adana with a 400 m² area in 1995. We are continuing our new factory in Ceyhan Road 3.km and 6000 m² closed area in 2011.We have CNC
    Telephone: +90 322 346 68 28 Address: Yenidoğan Mah, Girne Blv. No:263/A, 01316 Yüreğir/Adana, TURKEY
  • processing, glass processing, glass processing system, glass processing systems, edge processing, edge processing system, edge processing systems, glass edge processing, glass edge processing system, glass edge processing systems, surface processing, glass surface processing, glass surface processing system, glass surface processing systems, glasses, safety glasses, safety glass, curved glass, curved glasses, bullet proof glass, bullet proof glasses, laminated glass, laminated glasses, tempered
    Presenting the glass efficiently and accurately is a separate area of expertise and work. And that's exactly what Europe's temper has to offer. With an open area of 23.000 m2
    Telephone: +90 422 237 60 66 Address: 1. Organiza Sanayi Bölgesi, 5. Cd. No:23, Yeşilyurt, Malatya, Turkey
  • turkey float glass, turkish float glass, turkey laminated glass, turkish mirror manufacturer, turkey float glass producer, aydglass
    he company produce Turkey Turkish Float Glass,Turkey Turkish Tinted Glass,Reflective Glass,Laminated Glass,Patterned Glass,Solar Glass,Mirror Glass,Proceseed Glass AYD Float
    Telephone: +903523113872 Address: Anbar Mah. 11. Cad. No 3/A Kayseri / TÜRKİYE
  • glass, tempered glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, mirror, wired glass, patterned glass, smart glass, float glass, reflective glass, tinted glass, glass block, glass sheet, low e glass, sgp glass
    Brothers Glass Industrial Development Co., Ltd., which is one of the leading glass suppliers in China. BROTHERSGLASS has three major glass plants in China, they are located in the
    Telephone: 0086 13726040554
  • lifts, elevators, lift doors, elevator doors, lift gates, elevator cages, elevator cars, elevator cabs, lift-car doors, elevator motors, lift motors, laminated doors, stainless doors, glass cages, laminated elevator cars, laminated elevator cages, glass elevator cars, glass elevator cages, rale paint doors, rale paint elevator doors, glass elevator doors, rale paint lift doors, glass lift doors, fright elevator doors, fright elevators
    Ceyas Engineering Elevator which stepped into the elevator sector in 2007 has been established to provide service in the field of engineering and elevator sector in the field of
    Telephone: +90 332 342 72 34  Address: Başak Mahallesi, Konya-Ereğli Caddesi, No: 66/1, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • glasses, window glasses, show window glasses, showcase glasses, industrial glasses, construction glasses, panes, panes of glass, windowpanes, window panes, glass, window glass, show window glass, showcase glass, industrial glass, construction glass, pane, pane of glass, windowpane, window pane, tempered, glazing, pvb, laminated, reflective, mirror
    Founded in 2007 by Davut Umutlu on flat glass wholesale sales in Çiğli and as of 2008, the sales of all kinds of wholesale glass in Bayraklı Manavkuyu ​​in an area of ​​1,650 m2
    Telephone: +90 232 435 95 61 Address: Manas Bulvarı, No:89/1, Bayraklı, İzmir, Turkey
  • bulletproof glass, security glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, acustic glass
    we are manufacturer bulletproof glass, security glass,tempered glass,laminated glass,acustic glass founded 1954 in
    Telephone: 00903423217188 Address: 1.organize sanayi bölgesi 83102 nolu cad.no:24 şehitkamil/gaziantep
  • aluminium roof, sliding glass roof, pergole tent, glass systm's, walker glaass aotomatic, walker glass manuel, glass balcony, sliding glass, transparent shutters, Door Canopies Model's, DESİGNER, DOORS, Single hinged doors, Double hinged doors, Sliding doors, Sliding folding doors, Sliding stacking doors, Frameless doors, ALUMINIUM WINDOWS, Laminated safety glass
    ESVERA Glass Systems has been successfully working in the production of winter gardens, automatic glazing systems, glazing systems , compact garages made of aluminum.Our company
  • aluminium, aluminum, aluminum, aluminium, aluminum, sheet, profile, aluminium, clean float glass, guillotine windows, laminated windows, locking doors, pivot, pvc door, pvc door systems, pvc doors, pvc window, pvc window systems, pvc windows, solar control glass, tilt windows, texile, home texile, home texiles, texiles, lightings, lighting
    New established in 2015 but with long automotive experience for more than 25 years More than a supplier… Solution partner in Automotive Business Our knowledge, which we have
    Telephone: +90 224 211 12 08 Address: Altınova Mh. Yeni Yalova Yolu Cd. No: 424/5/5122, Bursa, Turkey
  • elevator, elevators, cabin door, cabin doors, landing door, landing doors, elevator cabin, elevator cabins, elevator part, elevator parts, control board, control boards, floor button, floor buttons, lux cabin, lux cabins, decosteel cabin, decosteel cabins, glass cabin, glass cabins, laminated cabin, laminated cabins, panoramic cabin, panoramic cabins, cargo cabin, cargo cabins, machine frame, machine frames, regulator kit, regolator kits, rope attachment
    Our firm which has been serving in the elevator industry since 1995, had started its works by producing semi-automatic landing doors, passenger cabins and freight elevator cabins.
    Telephone: +90 312 395 45 37 Address: Dağyaka Mahallesi, 2022. Cadde, No:16, Karamankazan, Ankara, Turkey
  • aluminium, aluminum, aluminum, aluminium, aluminum, sheet, profile, aluminium, clean float glass, guillotine windows, laminated windows, locking doors, pivot, pvc door, pvc door systems, pvc doors, pvc window, pvc window systems, pvc windows, solar control glass, tilt windows
    Obal Aluminum Kdz. Turkey, which has 100.000m2 open area and 22.000 m2 closed area in Eregli / Zonguldak region and has 3 press lines (5 ", 5" and 7 "total 1,000 tons / month
    Telephone: +90 549 310 34 67 Address: Hamzafakıhlı Mahallesi, Obal Sokak, No:5, Kdz.Ereğli, Zonguldak, Turkey
  • steel door, steel security door, exterior door, enterance door, glass door, laminated door, fire exit door
    Our Company has been Established on 1982 Located Samsun / Turkey, We produce any type of doors for houses and industrial usage. Our company is availabke to produce hand made
    Telephone: +90 532 478 6303 Address: OSB 19 Mayıs San. Sitesi, Şabanoğlu Mah. 63. Sokak, No:32, Tekkeköy, Samsun, Turkey
  • acid donors, agents, alkali donors, anticrease agent, box glue, catalase enzymes, cellulase enzymes, chemicals, chemistry, cross linking agents, defoaming agents, degreasing chemicals, denim yıkama kimyasalları, desizing enzymes, dispersing agents, dyeing auxillaries, enzymes, fishing agents, fixing agents, glass mosaic file glue, glass mosaic glue, glues, hydrophilic silicone softeners, joli adhesive glue, joli adhesive glues, laminated laminated, lamination adhesives, levellingagnets, lubricants, marble glue, metal chemicals, opp lamination adhesive, opp lamination adhesives, paint remover, paper bag glue, phosphating chemicals, polimerizasyon ürünleri, pretreatment chemicals, reducing agents, reins agents, sequestering, sewability improving agents, silicone soofteners, soaps, softeners, speciality chemicals, stabilisers, vibration chemistry, water repelants, wetting chemicals
    Safir Kimya, was founded in 2008, is mainly to serve textile chemical industry, has become the supplier of the leading companies in the industry by providing innovative products
    Telephone: +90 282 676 49 10 Address: Yulaflı Cd. No:7/A, Çorlu, Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • building glasses, construction glasses, flotal glases, isicam glasses, insulation glasses, isolation glasses, clear float glasses, float glasses, laminated glasses, reflective glasses, high reflective glasses, lacquared glasses, low-g glasses, mirrored glasses, patterned glasses, picture frame glasses, tinted glasses, tinted float glasses, building glass, construction glass, flotal glases, isicam glass, insulation glass, isolation glass, clear float glass, float glass, laminated glass, reflective glass, high reflective glass, lacquared glass, low-g glass, mirrored glass, patterned glass, picture frame glass, tinted glass, tinted float glass
    Our company began to operate in the architectural glass industry in the early 1970s. The founder’s profession in the retail sector continued for a period of 30 years under the
    Telephone: +90 212 690 61 90 Address: Namık Kemal Mah. 120 Sk. No: 16/B, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • automotive glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, integrated glass, patterned glazing, module assembly window, laminated acoustic glass, heated wire windshield
    Telephone: (90)(212) 327 12 31 Address: BARBAROS BULVARI GÜREL APT A BLOK NO:41 D:13
  • glass, float glass, double glazing, tempered glass, laminated glass, glass processing
    Telephone: (90)(332) 236 61 66 Address: AĞAÇ İŞLERİ SAN.BAŞKIŞLA SOK. NO:74-76
  • tempered glass, laminated glass, laminated safety glass
    Telephone: 0216 420 97 97 Address: Kadosan oto san sit c blok no:19 Ümraniye/Ýstanbul
  • laminated glass, garden glass, glass facade system, facade
    Telephone: (90)(436) 231 21 00 Address: KARAKÖPRÜ MEVKİİ AYTUNÇLAR ÜR. TESİSLERİ MERKEZ
  • folding glass systems, laminated glass, thermopane systems, automatic door systems, siding applications
    Telephone: (90)(212) 224 70 18 Address: HÜRRİYET MAH. ENGİN SOK. NO:2 KAĞITHANE
  • thermopane systems, temperable low-e glass, temperable solar low-e glass, bonding, safety glasses, tempered glass, curved tempered glass, laminated glass, bullet resistant laminated glass, acoustic laminated glass, solar control glasses, colored glass, tentesol glass, tentesol titanium glass, glass processing, printing, water jet, cnc, drilling, rodaj, sandblasting, accessory, door motor, glass door handle, spider, jalousie
    Telephone: 90 332 Address: KONYA, TURKEY
  • double glazing, decorative glasses, tempered glass, laminated glass, flat glass, colored glass
    Telephone: 8761681 Address: Yakuplu Merkez Mah. Beysan San. Sit. Dereboyu Cad. No:10/A Beylikdüzü
  • tempered glass, laminated glass, bent glass
    Telephone: 90 212 6713382 Address: İKİTELLİ OSB ESKOOP SAN. SİT. D 1 BLOK NO.24, BAŞAKŞEHİR, İSTANBUL
  • double glazing, comfort glass, synergy glass, facade glass, tempered glass, gas glass, glass door, laminated glass, safety glass, glass balcony, insulating glass venetian, blind systems, fouble glazing karolaj trim, mirror, frosted glass
    Telephone: 90(258)268 10 12 Address: HACIKAPLANLAR MAH. 734 SK. NO:8 1/A, MERKEZ, DENIZLI
  • glass, window systems, flat glass, mirror, glazed windows, laminated glass, decorative glass, decorative glass, processed glass, flexi stained glass, frosted glass, decorative glass, double glazing systems, double glazing
    Telephone: 90 216 3999563 Address: YALI MAH. EĞİTİMCİLER ÇIKMAZI SOK: NO:4, MALTEPE, İSTANBUL
  • wc cabin distributors, 12 mm compact laminat cabin seperators, cam cabin separators, what known requirements, exclusive cabin distributors, 12 mm compact panel colors, wc cabin separator accessories, glass cabin accessories, connection profiles, lockers, 12 mm compact laminated soiling cabinets, cam breaking cabinets, soiling cabinet accessories, family cabinets, bench systems, seating banks, parava sepers, compact laminate table tables, compact laminate facade systems
    Telephone: (90)(212) 295 46 40 Address: CENDERE CAD. AYAZMA YOLU NO:6 KAĞITHANE
  • laminated glass, laminated safety glass, laminated windshields
    Telephone: (90)(212) 232 69 58 Address: DR.CEMIL BENGU C.NO.138 HURR IYET M. KAĞITHANE
  • glass, decorative glass, coated glass, laminated glass, mirror, double glazed, tempered glass, treated glass, enamel glass, window, door, glass coating
  • double glazing, tempered glass, laminated glass, laminated safety glass, decorative glass
    Telephone: 655 50 85 Address: Hürriyet Mah. Sanayi Sok. No.10 Marmaracık Çorlu,
  • flat glass, double glazing, decorative glass, cladding glass, laminated glass
    Telephone: 3123535598 Address: Çamlıtepe CD. NO:22 / D Siteler ALTINDAĞ/ANKARA
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