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    While our company which has been founded in year 1986 in Istanbul was making shirt manufacturing and wholesale directed to local market , it started exports in year 1990.
    Telephone: +90 212 438 49 70 Address: Oruç Reis Mah. Giyim Kent Sitesi, Vadi Cad. No:178, Esenler, İstanbul, Turkey
  • readywears, garments, clothings, man clothings, woman clothings, t-shirts, blouses, skirts, skirt dresses, dresses, sweat-shirts, sweat shirts, bodies, hooded jackets, jackets, tracksuits, pants, trousers, shorts, man garments, woman garments, men garments, women garments, men clothings, women clothings
    Our company is an experienced and dynamic apparel producer and exporter in Izmir since 1997. Especially for our customers in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK, we are
    Telephone: +90 232 431 00 23 Address: 5748 Sk. No: 55, MTK Sitesi, Çamdibi, Bornova, İzmir, Turkey
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    We started to produce shirt in 1988 and sale whole europe countries. We are producer of men women and child shirts . We are working with burberry, armani , mq, lyle and scott and
    Telephone: +90 212 682 17 80-4 Address: Taşoluk Mah., M. Kemal Cad., No: 9, Arnavutköy, İstanbul, Turkey
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    Since 1993 the company has been active with its stable and innovative identity at garments sector. With its management policy of innovative, researcher and developer from
    Telephone: +90 212 629 61 08 Address: Evren Mah., Gülbahar Cad., Çimen Sok., No: 2, Güneşli, Bağcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • apparel, apparels, blouses, clothes, clothes for kids, clothes for men, clothing, clothings, cotton clothes, dress, garment, garments, kids clothing, ladies clothes, ladies clothing, ladies dresses, menswear, readywear, readywears, shirts, shirts for men, shirts for women, skirt, wear, wears, women's wear, woven shirts
    Danish business man with company in Denmark and Lithuania. Looking for manufacturer of women fashion. For my Coquette shop in
    Telephone: +4520658281 Address: DAT Lingeri ApS Gl. Strandvej 152 5500 Middelfart Denmark DAT LINGERIE UAB Laisvés al. 118/Savanoriu pr. 2 Kaunas Lithuania.
  • general trading products, foods, beverages, drinks, textile products, textiles, construction materials, furnitures, legumes, grains, olives, tomato pastes, canned foods, pastas, candies, biscuits, meats, meat products, cooking oils, sunflower oils, olive oils, dried fruits, dried foods, women clothes, garments, readywears, clothings, men clothes, child clothes, kids clothes, fabrics, upholstery fabrics, carpets, home textiles, household linings, towels, construction machines, building materials
    OUR MISSION Our aim is, selling goods to all over the world, and fallowing the products during producing time and get the maximum customer satisfaction. OUR VISION In the
    Telephone: +90 224 211 12 51 Address: Soğanlı Mah., Osmangazi Cad., No: 13, Osmangazi, Bursa, Turkey
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    EVERMEN is a family company which entered into the knitting sector in 1996 with professional managers in the managerial staff. Our reputed brand believe that being continuous and
    Telephone: +90 212 232 35 19 Address: Meşrutiyet Mah. Samanyolu Sok. No:80/1-4 Osmanbey-Şişli - İstanbul, Turkey
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    As Garment Istanbul, we entered to the sector to be a new venture. With young and dynamic staff, we have got significant achievements in a short time and strengthened our sector
    Telephone: +90 506 854 92 79 Address: Seyitnizam Mahallesi, G-11. Sk. No:13, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Türkiye
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    Ozen Mensucat Boya ve Terbiye Isletmeleri A.S. (Ozen Textiles, Dyeing and Finishing Enterprises Inc.) is an enterprise which is affiliated with TAHA Group of Companies. TAHA
    Telephone: +90 212 446 40 68 Istanbul; +90 282 7581330 pbx Fa Address: Istanbul Office:Mahmutbey Merkez Mahallesi, Tasocağı Caddesi, No: 7, Bagcılar, İstanbul, Turkey Factory: Cerkezkoy Organize Sanayi Bolgesi No: 6 Cerkezkoy,Tekirdag,Turkey
  • garments, clothes, readywears, men garments, women garments, man clothes, woman clothes, men readywears, women readywears, dresses, jeans, overcoats, pullovers, shirts, sweatshirts, men jeans, men overcoats, men pullovers, men shirts, men sweatshirts, man jeans, man overcoats, man pullovers, man shirts
    Telephone: +90 212 472 79 94 Address: Mimarkemalettin Mah. Hayriye Tüccarı Cad. No: 41/1 - İstanbul, Turkey
  • readywears, readytowears, textile products, men's readywears, men's readytowears, men's textile products, garments, men's garments, women's readywears, women's readytowears, women's garments, kids' wears, kids' readywears, kids' readytowears, kids' garments, children wears, children readywears, children readytowears, children garments, coats, jackets, reefer jackets, donkey jackets, toppers, sweaters, trousers, shirts, men's coats, men's jackets, men's reefer jackets, men's donkey jackets
    Rdn Textile is a high performance company with its activities carried out. It mainly operates in foreign countries, especially China and Bangladesh. RDN Textile is a specialist
    Telephone: +90 536 575 28 13 Address: Akevler Mh., 1076 Sk. Regnum Towers D-123, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • garments, readywears, readytowears, ready wears, ready made clothings, clothings, ready mades, menswears, men's clothings, men garments, men readywears, men readytowears, men ready wears, men ready made clothings, men clothings, men ready mades, man garments, man readywears, man readytowears, man ready wears, man ready made clothings, man clothings, man ready mades, shirts, pants, trousers, slacks, shoes
    Our company was established in 2014 in Istanbul but we have 10 year experience with our expert team. Our company gives service in two different region in
    Telephone: +90 212 230 81 20 Address: Meşrutiyet Mah. Samanyolu Sok. No: 29/1 Ali Atıfhan Kat: 4 Daire: 7 Şişli - İstanbul Turkey
  • readywears, readytowears, textile products, men's readywears, men's readytowears, men's textile products, garments, men's garments, women's readywears, women's readytowears, women's garments, kids' wears, kids' readywears, kids' readytowears, kids' garments, children wears, children readywears, children readytowears, children garments, coats, jackets, reefer jackets, donkey jackets, toppers, sweaters, trousers, shirts, men's coats, men's jackets, men's reefer jackets, men's donkey jackets
    Telephone: +90 543 406 51 56 Address: Molla Fenari Mah. Selviii Mescid Sok. No: 12/500-510 Fatih - İstanbul, Turkey
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    Wessi Menswear is a new rising man clothing brand in Turkey. Wessi has established in Osmanbey in 2008 by Turkish capital. Our company which set out the principle of being
    Telephone: +90 507 510 30 27 Address: Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mh., Yayladamı Sk. No:1/3, Kağıthane, İstanbul, Turkey
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