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  • patty, pie, mince pie, pastry, bakery products, baked goods, flour products
  • sea food, sea foods, sea products, sea product, fisheries, aquaculture, water products, water product, fish, fishes, sea bream, sea breams, sea bass, sea basses, pike perch, pike perches, trout, trouts, water, water product, water products, pulse, pulses, honey, butter, oil, cooking oil, cokking oils, flour, paste, pastes, peper paste, peper pastes, tomato paste, tomate pastes, candy, candies, chocolate, chocolates, delight, delights, turkish delights, turkish delight, cezerye, macaroni, pasta, pastry product, pastry products, meat, meat product, meat products, white meat product, white meat products, red meat meat product, red meat products, canned, canned food, canned foods
    We are manufacturer and supplier of water products, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, dry
    Telephone: +90 372 556 36 24 Address: Yeni Mahallesi V. ALi Özkan Caddesi, Ayanoğlu Sokak, No:1, Damek, Zonguldak, Turkey
  • flour, flours, bread flour, bread flours, bread wheat flour, pastry flour, baklava flour, baklava flours, wheat flour for special purposes, rational flour, puff pastry flour, rationale-puff pastry flour, rationale-puff pastry flours, pastry flour, flour, pastry-poodle flour, waffle flour, corn flour, wafer-waffle flour, pizzeria-hamburger flour, hamburger flour, pizza flour, whole wheat flour, whole wheat flours, bagel flour, bentonous flour, pita flour, partridge-biscuit flour, partridge flour
    Bafra Un Yem Gıda San. ve Tic. in 1974, the foundations of the factory was founded in Bafra with the initiatives of businessman Ali
    Telephone: +90 549 240 01 57 Address: Değirmenköy, Silivri, İstanbul, Turkey
  • Breadstuff Wheat Flour, Special Purpose Luxury Breadstuff Wheat Flour, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Pita, Special Lux Purpose Wheat Flour for Baklava and Pastry, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Lavash, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Filo Pastry, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Hamburger, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Pizza, Special Purpose Whole Wheat Flour, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Tandoor, Special Purpose Breadstuff Wheat Flour
    Since 1978, Balıkesir Has Un that gives service within the scope of Flower Oil-Has Un and Feed Plant Inc., introduced the second brand, Balıkesir Flour to the market and is taking
    Telephone: +90 266 - 241 47 51 Address: Gümüşçesme Mahallesi, 252. Sk. No:13 Altıeylül / Balıkesir
  • flour, flours, wheat flours, wheat flour, whole wheat flour, breadstuff, wholemeal flours, pastry flour, pastry flours, baklava flour, baklava flours, bagel flour, bagel flours, pita flour, pita flours, lavash flours, lavash flour, all purpose flour, all purpose flours, fine flour, fine flours
    The founders of Cevikler's Factory have been in the flour industry since 1998; In 2007, he started to produce in the flour industry by establishing a new company under the name of
    Telephone: +90 332 342 74 24 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. 10437 Sokak, No:19, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • flour, breda flour, flour for bread, whole wheat flour, wheat flour, hard wheat flour, bagel flour, pastry flour, tandoori flour, special premix flour, premix flour, wheat germ, germ, flour for bagel, flour for pastry, flour for tandoori
    Our company was founded in 1978 by Osman Özkan in Yunak which is the biggest wheat production of Konya and the biggest face measurement in Yunak. Having bought wheat from farmers
    Telephone: +90 232 502 03 06 Address: Adalet Mahallesi, Manas Bulvarı, Falkart Towers, B Kule, No:39, Bayraklı, İzmir, Turkey
  • bakery flour, wheat flour, flour bread, wheat food, wheat gluten, wheat grain, wheat grinder, whole grain, whole wheat, baking flour, bread flour, bread whole, flour gluten, flour mill, flour milling, flour plant, flour whole, grain flour, grain foods, grain grinder, grain mill, grinding flour, milling wheat, wheat, flour, corn, wheat flour, bread flour, pita flour, pastry flour, phyllo flour, phyllo dough flour, wafer flour, pitta bread flour, muffin flour, round and flat bread flour, organic flour, whole-wheat flour, food commotidies
    Intermil-Un is in the perfect location to look after its clients with our head office in Istanbul and our factory in Ankara, right in the heart of the Turkish wheat belt. High
    Telephone: +90 212 269 69 24 Address: Levent Cad. Sümbül Sokak, Gönüller Aralığı, No:3, 34330, 1. Levent, İstanbul, Turkey
  • frozen products, frozen flour products, pretzels, turkish pretzels, turkish simit, bakery products, pastry, croissant, danish
    Founded in 1999, DOYGUN GIDA is a privately owned company, and continues to respond to the needs of the industry with its frozen flour products. 18 000 sqm closed area continues
    Telephone: 5301141646 Address: osmangazi mah. yazgan sk. no:3 esenyurt istanbul
  • flour, bread flour, wheat flour, pastry flour, flaky pastry flour, pizza flour, pita flour, phyllo flour, filo pastry flour, hamburger bread flour, sandwich bread flour, toast bread flour, puff pastry flour, loaf bread flour, bagel flour, turkish bagel flour, turkish ravioli flour, noodle flour, wafer flour, cracker flour, cake flour, cookie flour, biscuit flour, flat bread flour, baked bread flour, whole wheat flour, bread wheat flour, flour for bread, flour for wheat, flour for pastry, flour for flaky pastry, flour for pizza, flour for pita, flour for phyllo, flour for filo pastry, flour for hamburger bread, flour for sandwich bread, flour for toast bread, flour for puff pastry, flour for loaf bread, flour for bagel, flour for turkish bagel, flour for turkish ravioli, flour for noodle, flour for wafer, flour for cracker, flour for cake, flour for cookie, flour for biscuit, flour for flat bread, flour for baked bread, flour for whole wheat, flour for bread wheat
    In our company the foundation was laid down in 1. Ankara Sanayi Bölgesi by our chairman Mr. Fethullah ŞEVGİN in 1995 and started to operate in 1998. It was built in 17000 m2 total
    Telephone: +90 312 267 13 27  Address: 1. Organize San. Bölgesi, Avrupa Hun Caddesi, No:2, Sincan, Ankara, Turkey
  • cold weather storage, cold room doors, cold room panels, cold room bases, cold rooms, cooling devices, silent cabins, morg units, butcher cabinets, vertical type cabinets, meat chicken rayon, deep freezers, pastry cupboards, floury food pastry cabinet, cabinets, creamer, delicatessen, auxiliary kitchen materials, dishwashers, preparation equipment, cafeteria, industrial kitchen equipments, wardrobe, benches, stack shelves, carriages, appetizers
    Telephone: 90 362 Address: SAMSUN, TURKEY
  • flour, flour product, flour products, pastry, pastry product, pastry products
    Telephone: 90 384 Address: NEVŞEHIR, TURKEY
  • oil, flour, pastry, karali tea, tea, sesame, yeast, cihan tuz, pak tuz, spicy, pastry equipment, industrial kitchen equipment
    Telephone: 4580811-4617644 Address: KAZIMDİRİK MAHALLESİ 296 SOKAK NO:2/15-1 BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • flour, flour product, flour products, pastry, pastry products, pastry product
    Telephone: 90 332 Address: KONYA, TURKEY
  • pastry, filo pastry, bakery products, baked goods, flour products
    Telephone: 2535733 Address: 4020 SOKAK NO:13/A KARABAĞLAR / İZMİR
  • flour, farina, wheat flour, wheat flour for cake and pastry, wheat flour for flat-baked bread, wheat flour for phyllo, wheat flour for pizza, wheat flour for for bread, wheat flour for baklava, wheat flour for pastry
    Telephone: 90 3128370429 Address: OVA 4 SOKAK NO: 12/A SÜNLÜ Çubuk ÇUBUK/ANKARA
  • foods for breakfast, pulses, oils, meat and meat products, canned products, pickles, frozen products, sugar, flour, bakery, sauces, spices, soup, dairy products, dried nuts, fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, chocolate, candies, pastry products, hot beverages, cold beverages, cleaning materials, consumable goods
    Telephone: 6712480 Address: İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Aykosan Sanayi Sitesi 4liü A Blok No:232
  • pie, patty, pastry, bakery products, baked goods, flour products
    Telephone: 0262 526 60 06 Address: Kocaeli, Turkey
  • flour, baklava flour, cake flour, pastry flour, bran flour, rye flour, whole meat flour
    Telephone: 2713243 Address: Ankara Yolu 22. Km Tömek Mh. No:356/1 Selçuklu
  • flavour, pastry, desserts, breakfast food, sandwich, croissant, patty, biscuits, wedding pastry, catering services, cracker, cracker flour, cakes
    Telephone: 4365751-2435353 Address: GAZİOSMANPAŞA BLV. NO:61/C ÇANKAYA KONAK / İZMİR
  • bakery equipment, flour product equipment, pastry equipment, industrial kitchen equipments, display equipment
    Telephone: 486 34 44 Address: Gaziosmanpaşa Mah. Refik Tulga Cad. No:12 Bornova
  • flour, wheat flour, corn flour, whole wheat flour, bread flour, pastry flour
    Telephone: 03262855145 Address: E-5 Karayolu Merkez Mevkii No:134 Büyükdalyan Köyü ANTAKYA(M) / HATAY
  • food additives, flour additives, bread additives, pastry prodcuts, cacao prodcuts, farina, amylum, icing sugar, whipped cream
    Telephone: 3654776 Address: 1664 SK. NO:41/B KARŞIYAKA / İZMİR
  • pulses, grains, rice, bulgur, pasta, oils, vegetable ghee, paste, souces, salt, sugar, olives, flour, pastry, beverages, dried nuts, spices, cleaning ingredients
    Telephone: 2370444 Address: Camişerif M. İstiklal c. No:32 Atat Apt. K.3 Akdeniz
  • flour, bread flour, pastry flour, baklava flour
  • flour, bread flour, pastry flour, pita flour
    Telephone: (90)(342) 323 32 01 Address: NİZİP CAD.BAŞAK SK. NO:73 ŞEHİTKAMİL
  • ready foots, pudding on, cooking help, sauces, cocktail cream shot, vanilla cream shot, cocoa pastry cream, vanilla cake with cream, gros cocoa, tattoo cocoa, carbonate, dough relief dust, sugared vanilla, powdered sugar, wheat starch, corn starch, galetain flour, corn flour, rice flour
    Telephone: (90)(488) 213 45 48 Address: GAP MAH. 2502 SOK TAŞKONAK MERKEZİ NO:21 K:4 D:8 BATMAN
  • cake, pastry, pastry shop products, bakery products, baked goods, flour products, bread, bread products
    Telephone: 90(242)229 36 85 Address: ULUÇ MH. 1117 SK. MUAMMER ÇALIŞGAN APT. NO:1A-2B
  • food, food products, dessert, pie, pastry, special flour dough, bread, kahke, cookie, croissants, pasta
  • flour, bread flour, baklava flour, pastry flour, bagel flour, wheat flour
    Telephone: 90(462)321 46 67 Address: İSKENDERPAŞA MAHALLESİ SÜMER SOKAK NO.18/A MERKEZ, TRABZON
  • bakery products, flour products, baked goods, filo pastry, turkish type ravioli, patty, meat pasty, pie, cooky
    Telephone: (212) 6191959 Address: UGURMUMCU MAH. HOCA AHMET YESEVİ CAD. 2271 SOK NO:15
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