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  • fabrics, printed fabrics, polyester fabrics, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, viskon weaving fabrics, linen woven fabrics, linen fabrics, polyester woven fabrics, cotton fabrics, cotton woven fabrics, polyester woven knitted fabrics, cotton woven knitted fabrics, viskon weaving knitting fabrics, knitting fabrics, plain fabrics, viscose fabrics, silky polyester fabrics, fabric, printed fabric, polyester fabric, knitted fabric, woven fabric, viskon weaving fabric, linen woven fabric, linen fabric, polyester woven fabric, cotton fabric, cotton woven fabric, polyester woven knitted fabric, cotton woven knitted fabric, viskon weaving knitting fabric, knitting fabric, plain fabric, viscose fabric, silky polyester fabric
    Elissa Stampa aims to work with excellent results with its powerful textile technology, creative and productive design team and trendy designs and fabrics collection. Large
    Telephone: +90 212 553 46 70 Address: Sanayi Mahallesi, Sancaklı Caddesi, İmar Sokak, Kale İş Merkezi, 7/B Blok, Güngören, İstanbul, Turkey
  • fabric, fabrics, printed fabrics, upholstery fabrics, printed upholstery fabrics, draperies, upholsters, upholsteries, furnishing fabrics, ranforce fabrics, poplin fabrics, sateen fabrics, pique fabrics, satin fabrics, tabinet fabrics, gaberdine fabrics, gabardine fabrics, printed fabric, upholstery fabric, printed upholstery fabric, drapery, upholster, upholstery, furnishing fabric, ranforce fabric, poplin fabric, sateen fabric, pique fabric, satin fabric, tabinet fabric, gaberdine fabric, gaba
    Emin Tekstil (textile) company was founded by Mr. Emin Çiçek at Denizli city in 1997. He has started a tailor his career in 1967, than he has proceeded to textile sector by a
    Telephone: +90 258 242 42 42 Address: Akçeşme Mh. 2603 Sk. No:24, Merkezefendi, Denizli, Turkey
  • non-print labels, printed labels, printed food labels, printed textile labels, printed chemistry labels, printed labels, printed health-label drugs, printed packaging labels, printed sectoral labels, wax ribbons, wax resin ribbons, resin ribbons, color ribbons, coding ribbons, fabric etiketlik, office products, office - stationery products, office - technology products, office - cleaning products, office - food products, cartridge toner, barcode printer, digital scales, receipt printers
    Jupiter Barkod established in 1995 and our main office based in Istanbul. Jupiter Barkod is one of Turkey's leading label manufacturer with 13 location and a steady growing team
    Telephone: +90 5550504346 Address: Akçaburgaz Mh. Hadımköy Yolu Cd. No:180/A, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • paperbag, mg paper, packaging paper, paper bags, kraft material automation bagbottle bag, large gusset bag, cardboard manual labor bag, special to firm logo printed bag, firm logo printed bag, fabric bags, jute bags, jute bags with gusset and base, cotton bags, firm logo printed jute bag, fancy paper, kraft paper fantasy, coated paper fantasy, hologram papers, hologram paper, colored tissue paper, self-adhesive decorations package, paper envelopes, decorated gift boxes
    Menteşoğlu Kağıtçılık is one of the first names occur when wholesale raw paper to wrap is named. By means of qualified products and trustful shopping principles that are
    Telephone: +90 212 528 45 39 Address: Aşir Efendi Caddesi, Denizli Han, No:83, Kat:3, Daire:314, Eminönü, İstanbul, Turkey
  • textile, textiles, pocketing fabrics, lining fabrics, shirting fabrics, pants fabrics, workwear fabrics, uniform fabrics, fabric, fabrics, polyester, cotton, viscose, floss, cotton elastane, cotton polyester, cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics, twill, drill, gabardine fabrics, popline fabrics, lycra fabrics, pes, ea, fabrics for workwear, oxford fabrics, plaid, plain, printed fabrics, fabric for shirts, panama, chambray, pepito, herringbone, chevron fabrics, voile, vual, military, denim, technica
    OZEGE MENSUCAT has been established in Usak/Turkey in year 2004. OZEGE MENSUCAT is subsidiary of RAN GROUP which are one of largest textile corporation and Brands. Our company is
    Telephone: +90 276 266 81 44 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 204. Cadde, No:589/1, Uşak, Türkiye
  • textile, fabric, cotton, polyester, cotton polyester, cotton polyester fabric, printing, printed fabric, coated, coated fabric, fabrics, cottons, cotton fabrics, polyesters, cotton polyesters, cotton polyester fabrics, printed fabrics, coated fabrics
    Sim Textile Fabric and Ready-to-Wear Products Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., which is specialized in woven fabrics for outdoor wear, operates in Merter, which is the heart of the
    Telephone: +90 212 637 33 01 Address: Keresteciler Sit. Kiraz Sk. Emek İş Hanı No: 15, Merter, Güngören, İstanbul, Turkey
  • fabric, fabrics, printed fabrics, sublimation fabrics, latex fabrics, solvent fabrics, eco-solvent fabrics, flag fabrics, banner fabrics, display fabrics, canvas fabrics, decoration fabrics, decorative fabrics, serigraphy fabrics, blackout fabrics, backlite fabrics, water resistant fabrics, flame retardant fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, uv resistant fabrics, sublimation printing fabrics, dye printing fabrics, pigment printing fabrics, solvent eco printing fabrics, uv printing fabrics, latex pri
    Solveteks Technical Textile LTD. is part of Kristal Group Enterprises and began its commercial life in 2005 in Bursa/ Turkey. Our commercial adventure began with the production
    Telephone: +90 224 372 79 90 Address: Kayapa San. Bölg. Mavi Cadde, No:7, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey
  • Organic Cotton Fabrics, Cotton and Cotton Blends, Cotton-Elastan Fabrics, Cotton-Polyester-Elastan Fabrics, Cotton-Polyester Blends, Cotton-Nylon-Elastan Fabrics, Viscose and Viscose Blends, Yarn-Dyed Fabrics, Tencel and Tencel Blends, Printed Fabrics
  • yarns, polyester yarns, fabrics, printed fabrics, woven fabrics, woven fabric
    Telephone: 90(537)541 06 74 Address: 19. SOK 71 A GİYİMKENT
  • fabrics, fashionable fabrics, dyed fabrics, printed fabrics, ladies garments, textile, textile products
    Telephone: 261 6269 Address: Yalova Yolu Caddesi no:554/3 Demirtaş
  • textile, fabric, yarn, textiles, fabrics, yarns, velvet fabric, striped velvet fabric, cotton fabric, jacquard fabric, printed velvet fabrics, velvet fabrics, striped velvet fabrics, cotton fabrics, jacquard fabrics, printed velvet fabric
    Our company, holding a place in the textile sector since 1972 until the present day, was institutionalized in the year of 1989, having the goal to become a firm of pursued,
    Telephone: +90 212 416 24 24 Address: Seyitnizam Mh. Seyitnizam Cd. No:51/6C Akevler Sit. AK-6 Blok ,34015 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Turkey
  • diver - scuba, digital printed fabrics, full lycra supreme, yarns, mixed supreme, penne supreme, three yarns, viscose fabrics
    Telephone: 90 Address: G 2 SOK.NO:59/A, İSTANBUL
  • textile, fabric, lace fabric, printed lace fabric, band lace fabric, embroidery lace fabric
    Telephone: 637 18 60 Address: Keresteciler Mehmet Akif Cad. Denge İş Merkezi No:22 D:2 Merter - Güngören
  • fabric, fabrics, coated fabrcs, wet printed fabrics, jacquard fabrics
    Telephone: 480 61 95 Address: Çetin Emeç Blv. 6. Cad. No:13/A Öveçler
  • textile, fabric, jersey, knit fabric, printed fabric
  • fabrics, dyeing fabrics, printed fabrics
    Telephone: (90)(212) 679 27 45 Address: TELSİZ MAH.G-11 SK.NO:38 ZEYTİNBURNU
  • weaving, domestic fabrics, cotton fabrics, viscose fabrics, polyester fabrics, tencel fabrics, polyamide fabrics, cupro fabrics, jacquard fabrics, nylon fabrics, printed fabrics
    Telephone: 372 23 37 Address: Mine Sok. Demirtaş Dumlupınar Osb Mah. Osmangazi,
  • fabric, fabrics, velour fabric, ribana fabrics, supreme fabrics, jacquard fabrics, towel fabrics, printed fabrics
    Telephone: 6423265 Address: Sanayi Mah. Öznur Sok. No: 38-40 Güngören
  • fabrics, jacquard woven fabrics, printed fabrics, devore fabrics, knitting jacquard fabrics, processing fabrics
    Telephone: 5224310 Address: Gençtürk Cad.No:7 Laleli
  • bag fabrics, printed fabrics, lining, interlining, back gray, liner, textile
    Telephone: 3609700 Address: Anadolu Mah.Akgün Sok. No.5
  • fabrics, printed fabrics, knit fabric, alpaca fabric
    Telephone: 362 04 83 Address: Vatan Mah. 2. Vatan Cad. 75 Yıldırım
  • printed fabric, printed fabrics, leather fabric, patterned leather, leather for clothing, clothing leather
    Telephone: (90)(212) 558 01 46 Address: NURİPAŞA MH.22.SK.NO:10/A ZEYTİNBURNU
  • melange polyester fabrics, dyed fabrics, plain dyed polyester, printed polyester, garment, textile
    Telephone: (90)(224) 211 07 75 Address: BUTTIM IŞ MERK.D BLOK K.5 NO:1549 OSMANGAZİ
  • fabrics, linen fabrics, raw fabrics, dyed fabrics, printed fabrics
    Telephone: 2125061919 Address: FATİH CD. TAVSANOGLU IS MERKEZI NO:17/12 GÜNGÖREN
  • leather label, printed fabric labels, woven labels, care labels, metal labels, buttons
    Telephone: 6138461 Address: Davutpasa Cad. Davutpasa Emintas Matbaacılar Sitesi No:103/266-267
  • fabrics, linen fabrics, printed fabrics, cotton fabrics, textile dye, yarn dye
    Telephone: 4829317 Address: Oruç Reis Mah. Giyim Kent 11. Sok. No:48 Esenler
  • belt buckle, foot care, paint finish, hand tools, zipper, brush, ready-made footwear, yarn, felt, plush, fabric, belt, leather covering, logo printed products, store and showcase products, machines and parts, meters tires, plate tires, solvents, liquids, Vardola to, adhesives, emery
    Telephone: 90(312)312 40 55 Address: İSTAKLAL MAH. ACI ÇEŞME SOK. NO:7/A
  • plain dye fabrics, fabrics, printed fabrics, knit fabric, woven fabric
    Telephone: 211 35 45 Address: ALTUNOVA MAH. 1 ADEM SOK. NO:10 SAMA PLAZA KAT:3 D:9
  • textile, fabrics, polyester fabric, cotton fabric, printed fabric
    Telephone: 4464260 Address: Hacı Bostan Caddesi 3. Sokak No: 2/B Bağcılar Belediyesi Stadyumu Karşısı
  • textile, printed material, fabrics, cloth dyeing, fabric dyeing, fabric painting
    Telephone: 672 22 80 Address: Vakıflar OSB Mah. E5 yolu Üzeri Fabrikalar No:3 Ergene
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