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  • kitchen, ovens, compacts, microwaves, hobs, hoods, washers and dryers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, water heaters, sinks, sink taps, kitchen accessories, plate warmer, coffee machine, vacuum sealing machine, bath taps, shower collection, bathroom accessories, microwave oven, cooking system, oven products, kitchen, oven, compact, microwaves, hob, washers and dryer, washer, dryer, dishwasher, water heater, sink, sink tap, kitchen accessory, plate warmers, coffee machines, vacuum sealing machines
    Our best known products are induction, victroceramics and gas hobs, ovens microwaves and kitchen cooktops. As well as, all kind of kitchen and bath taps and accessories both for
    Telephone: +90 212 288 31 34 Address: Büyükdere Cd. No: 24/13, Hukukcular Sitesi, 34394 Mecidiyeköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • rubber machines, rubber machine, sealing components, sealing component, sealing elements, rubber products, rubbers, rubber, rubber machine spare parts, rubber machine parts
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of rubber machines, rubber machine, sealing components, sealing component, sealing elements, rubber products, rubbers, rubber, rubber machine
    Telephone: +90 312 395 84 47 Address: M. Gökçek Bulv.Halk İş Merkezi No:17/17 ivedik Ostim, Ankara, Turkey
  • blended rubber profiles, coextruded profiles, door, door ruuber, flocked rubber profiles, foam rubber profiles, glass run channel profiles, glazing profiles, leakproof units, notch, pipe clamp profiles, pouring, pvc extrusion, rear lid profiles, rear profile, rubber, rubber extrusion, rubber leakproof units, rubber products, rubber profile, rubber profiles, sealings, foam rubber profiles with inner metals, solid rubber profiles, sponge profiles, window sealing profiles
    **Hebei Shida Seal Group Co., Ltd.** is an ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturer of automotive sealing systems for vehicle, rubber weather-strips, rubber extrusions, extruded rubber
    Telephone: 0086+319+8032626 Address: No. 8, Xihuan Road, Wangguanzhuang, Qinghe,Hebei,China
  • steel construction, steel constructions, valve flange seal manufacturing, steel reinforced valve flange seal, sewage concrete pipe gaskets, corgi pipe seal, valve flange seal manufacturing, concrete pipe gaskets, pipe sealing, plastic materials, Construction Materials, plastic rubber products, construction materials, seals, flange gaskets, steel reinforced felts, reinforced seals, reinforced seals, pipe seals, concrete pipe felts, various gaskets
    In 1997, as Ilksu Kaucuk Plastik Ltd. Sti. which started to commercial life with the production of rubber seals, concrete pipe seals in Ostim Industrial Zone in 150 m2 area.
    Telephone: +90 312 395 25 33 Address: 1480 Sokak, No:43, Ankara, Turkey
  • mechanical seals, gaskets, joints, rotary joints, carbon products, industrial plastics, flanges, sealing components, sealing elements, seal, packing gland, hardwares, fasteners, engineering plastics, flange gaskets
    I have combined my 27 years of experience in the industry of sealing elements with our experienced staff in MEGA SIZDIRMAZLIK ELEMANLARI SANAYİ TİCARET LTD. ŞTİ. under the brand
    Telephone: +90 212 671 82 50 Address: İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Eskoop Sanayi Sitesi, C - 7 Blok No: 390, Küçükçekmece, İstanbul, Turkey
  • flooring, floor covering, water sealing, waterproofing, insulation products, terrace insulation, pool insulation, roof insulation, liquid water insulation, moisture insulation, epoxy flooring, epoxy floor covering
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of flooring, floor covering, water sealing, waterproofing, insulation products, terrace insulation, pool insulation, roof insulation, liquid
    Telephone: +90 216 508 10 41 Address: Kirazlıdere Mah. Kışla Bulvarı No:24/5 Çekmeköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • job security products, sealing compound, compensator, expansion joint, bellows, insulate products
    Telephone: 3040273 Address: Orhanlı Beldesi Erdem Sanayi Sitesi Orta Mahalle D3 Blok No:6/7 Tepeören Tuzla
  • rubber products, rubber product, pump piston, plunger, concrete pump piston, heavy construction equipment parts, rubber gaskets, gaskets, sealing components, engine mounts, cylinder wedge, finisher, rubber finisher
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of rubber products, rubber product, pump piston, plunger, concrete pump piston, heavy construction equipment parts, rubber gaskets, gaskets,
    Telephone: +90 258 371 70 00 Address: Sümer Mah. 2464 Sk.No:103 Merkezefendi, Denizli, Turkey
  • acoustic foam, building materials, foam rubber, gaskets, heat insulation supplies, insulation materials, insulation supplies, insulation tapes, packing products, paint foam, polishing foam, sealants, sealing materials, sealing products, seals, sponge
    Akustifoam, having a young and dynamic structure was founded in 2007. The company is producing non flammable acoustic foam and also converting all kinds of foam according to
    Telephone: +90 212 875 49 71 Address: Bakır ve Pirinc Sanayi Sitesi, Cigdem Sokak, No: 1, A Blok, Kat: 3, Beylikduzu, Istanbul, Turkey
  • anaerobic bolt fasteners, auto wiper water additives, band groups, cylinder block, double sided tapes, engine maintenance and cleaner products, epoxy adhesives, epoxy patch and glass tapes, general purpose adhesives, industrial technical products, metal epoxy industrial epoxies, professional auto hairdressing products, ptfe pipe sealing adhesives, ptfe silicone rope, pu 2621 mastic, radiator repair products, silicone cartridges, spray paints, stainless steel and plastic cable ties, technical liquid containers and transparent silicones, technical sprays
    Telephone: 90 216 6610090 Address: FERHATPAŞA MAH. KOCASİNAN CAD.11. SOK NO:45, ATAŞEHİR, İSTANBUL
  • Part, parts, rubber, auto parts, brake part, brake parts, industrial parts, industrial rubber, part washer, part washing, parts auto, parts washing, plastic part, rubber component, rubber components, rubber hose, rubber items, rubber part, rubber parts, rubber product, rubber products, rubber seals, rubber washer, rubber washers, rubber weatherstrip, washer parts, washing parts, rubber seal, seal rubber, rubber ring, rubber tags, rubber trim, seals rubber, rubber rings, rubber trims, rubber sealer, rubber gasket, gasket rubber, rubber sealing, sealing rubber, rubber channel, rubber beading, rubber gaskets, gaskets rubber, rubber sealings, rubber profiles, extruded rubber, rubber extrusion, rubber extrusions
    Telephone: (224) 411 24 18 Address: Org. San. Bölg. Ali Osman Sönmez Bulvarı 3. Sk No: 8 Nilüfer /Bursa.
  • sealing industry, sealing industry products, sealing industry product
    Telephone: (90)(332) 239 00 30 Address: 2.ORGANIZE SANAYIKIRIM CAD. NO:13
  • wooden door filters, silicone cables, cable, silicone cable groups, silicone profiles, silicone tubes, grid silicone gaskets, silicone seals, sealants, sealing products, silicone gaskets, gaskets, door seals, exterior silicone seals
    Our company has been serving white goods sub – industry sector for 18 years. We have started our first production with silicon profiles, then according to the needs of base
    Telephone: +90 212 475 00 46 Address: Karayollari Mahallesi, Kadir Akdogan Caddesi, 561 Sok., No: 45, Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Aluminum Tapes, the Bumpon, duct Tape, Cloth Tapes, Filament Tape, Film Carrier Tapes, Jet Melt Adhesives, Carton Closure Strips, Foam Tapes, Masking Tapes, Automotive VHB Tapes, primary, Fixing Bands, Scotch-Weld, Solvent Based Adhesives, Spray Adhesives, Water-Based Adhesives, Removable Fixing Systems, Sealing Products, Transfer Tapes, VHB Tapes, Surface Protection Tapes, Two-Component Adhesives, Qualified Special Tapes, Thin Double Sided Tapes, Marking Tapes, Flap Discs, Roll Sanders, Plate Sanders, Abrasive Belt, Calibrating Sanding, Flap Wheels, Double Attached Caliber Sanders, Radial Drives, Fiber Wheels, Fibre Discs, Klingspor Rubber Wheels, Pattern Tires and Wheels, Quick Link Sanders
    Telephone: 90 262 679 1313 Address: TOSB 3. Cadde No: 23 41480Şekerpınar, Çayırova, Kocaeli/ turkey
  • automotive, automotive products, automotive product, automotives, automotive material, automotive materials, auto products, auto product, auto, automobile, automobile products, automobile product, cylinder-head gaskets, speciality gaskets, shielding systems, lightweight plastic components, electromobility, fuel cells, engineered plastics, elring spare parts, shielding systems, non-automotive competence, gaskets, sealing system, sealing, manifold gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, water pump gasket, metal ring gaskets, metal-elastomer gasket, elastomer-specialty gasket, transmission control plate, egr filter gasket, filter gasket, gasket sets, cylinder-head gaskets, specialty gaskets, cylinder-head bolts, oil stem seals, valve stem seals, sealing compounds, standard parts, assortments, gasket materials, sealing tapes
    ElringKlinger is a worldwide development partner and original equipment supplier of cylinder-head and specialty gaskets, plastic housing modules, shielding components for engine,
    Telephone: (90)(224) 493 24 62 Address: KAYAPA SAN. BÖLGESI NO:2 NİLÜFER
  • lighting products, lighting armatures, lighting glasses, sealing compounds, sealing products, stand, covers, plexy glasses, dried nuts glasses, pastry display products
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of lighting products, lighting armatures, lighting glasses, sealing compounds, sealing products, stand, covers, plexy glasses, dried nuts
    Telephone: +90 216 611 20 96 Address: CEMİLMERİÇ MAH MIZRAP SOK NO 36\ A ÜMRANİYE, İSTANBUL, TURKEY
  • Washing Machine, Cover Removal Machine, Outside Washing Machine, Closing Machine, Blow Molding Machine, Pete Rotary Agitation, Filling, Closing Machine, Hole Testing Machine, Sleeve Police Band Machine, Visual Control Station, Heat Tunnel, Empty and Full Bottle Conveyor, Carboy Filling Machine, Bottling Machine, Machine Liquid, Packaging Machine, Filler Machine, Capsule Filling Machine, Packing Machine, Sealing Machine, Bottling Equipment, Bottle Filler, Filler, Packaging Equipment, Machine, Capping Machine, Automatic Filling, Bottle Filling, Filling Equipment, Liquid Filling, Bagging Machine, Automatic Bottle Filling, Liquid Filler, Water Machine, Automatic Packing, Products, Manufacturing, Turkey
    Telephone: 90 212 422 92 02 Address: Beysan San.Sit.Dereboyu Cad. No:3/1 Beylikdüzü / Haramidere - İstanbul/TURKEY
  • rubber products, gaskets, rubber gaskets, dust covers, o-ring, rubber covers, dust felt, oil felt, seals, sealing gaskets, sealing, gaskets, auto gaskets
    Telephone: (90)(216) 396 45 78 Address: KORUMA SANAYI SIT.NO:142 PENDİK
  • filtration systems, filters, machinery filters, gaskets, sealants, seals, sealing products, machinery seals, machine sealants, workshop machinery seals, milling machinery seals, milling machinery filters
    Filterteks, Filtre ve Keçe Sanayi A.Ş. provides special solutions for you with effective services in the field of Industrial Textile and Filtration. In order to provide services
    Telephone: +90 212 554 29 04 Address: Sanayi Mahallesi, Caglayan Sokak, 19/1, Gungoren, Istanbul, Turkey
  • dynamic seals, sealing products, static seals, hydraulic accumulators, suspension systems, stationary fuel cells, dynamic seal, special sealing product, static seal, hydraulic accumulator, suspension system, stationary fuel cells, stationary fuel cell
    reudenberg Sealing Technologies is a supplier, development and service partner for customers in different market segments, such as the automotive industry, civil aviation,
    Telephone: 0 (224) 324 11 40 Address: NOSAB 204 Sk No3, Bursa
  • dynamic seals, special sealing products, static seals, hydraulic accumulators and suspension systems
    Telephone: 4111340 Address: Nilüfer Org.San.Böl. N.204 Sok. No:3
  • rubber products, rubber spare parts, rubber construction machine parts, rubber sealing, concrete pump, concrete pump pistons, working machine spare parts, working machine parts, couplings, rubber couplings, shock absorbers, engine mountings, valve seal, radiator seal, drilling seal
    Established in 1978 Gulhan is one of locomotive firms in the sector of work and constructions machines, which produces rubber based spare parts at its own foundation has 2000 m²
    Telephone: +90 312 385 53 22 Address: Turan Çiğdem Caddesi 3 / 4 Ostim, Ankara, Turkey
  • chocolate foil, glass sealing foil, bootle toppeels, yoghurt lids, butter lids, portionpack products, creamcheese foil, cheese foil
    Telephone: 313 32 40 Address: IMES Sanayi Sitesi B Blok 204 sok. No:10 Dudullu
  • chemicals, construction chemicals, sealing, water sealing, fire-insulation, floor covering, building fire insulation, flooring, flooring products, flooring product, construction chemical products, construction chemical product
    Mundo Chemical Industries and Trade Inc. was founded in 1992 by Sevinç and İhsan KARADEMİRLER. In the beginning, the textile main chemicals trade was supported with imports from
    Telephone: 0 (224) 246 50 00 Address: Yeni Karaman Mah. Kantar Sok. No:5 Osmangazi, Bursa
  • plastic products, rubber products, rubber seals, plastic seals, seals, sealing products, gaskets
    Telephone: 270 49 65 Address: SEYRANTEPE MAH. YILDIZ SOK. NO:3 KAT:1 KAGITHANE
  • tapes, prossive single sided tapes, electrical tape, surface cleaners, surface protection films, sealing products, firestopping sealants
    Telephone: (90)(216) 340 24 37 Address: MUTEVELLI CESME CAD.NO:13/3 KADIKÖY
  • Rubber gaskets, EPDM, Aluminum window gaskets, PVC seals, Door Window and Facade Sealing, Press Products, Infrastructure waste water pipe, gaskets
    Telephone: 2481982 Address: Huzurevleri mah.77216 sok serinkaya apt.zemin kat 2/A ÇUKUROVA
  • construction chemicals, structural strengthening, building reinforcement, water sealing, concrete cutter, building materials, construction products
    Telephone: 4577717 Address: 1202/2 SOKAK NO:99-T BEŞİKÇİOĞLU İŞ MERK. YENİŞEHİR / İZMİR
  • casting and welded fittings, welded fittings, casting fittings, natural gas and radiator valves, bell metal, waste water pipes and fittings, sealing products, panel and towel radiator, fire armatures, boiler systems
    Telephone: 4496565 Address: 1004 SOKAK NO:1 P-17 İNŞAAT İŞ MERKEZİ YENİŞEHİR KONAK / İZMİR
  • machine spare parts, machine parts, geared machine parts, sealing compound, sealing compounds, sealing products
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of machine spare parts, machine parts, geared machine parts, sealing compound, sealing compounds, sealing products, machine spare part
    Telephone: +90 212 501 61 13 Address: Kışla Cad. Gündoğar 1 İş Merkezi No 68/211 Topçular, Eyüp, İstanbul, Turkey
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