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  • glasses, float glasses, building glasses, construction glasses, double glazings, glazings, tempered glasses, curved tempered glasses, curved glasses, laminated glasses, curved laminated glasses, laminated curved glasses, tempered curved glasses, external wall cladding systems, cladding systems, wall cladding systems, balcony glazing systems, sliding doors, doors, shutter systems, barriers, industrial doors, air curtains, carpet display systems, glass, float glass, building glass, construction gl
    Our company Akdeniz AS. established in 1978 ; is a leading manufacturer and exporter of different kinds of construction equipments, metal and aluminium products. Our factory/head
    Telephone: +90 332 444 10 80 Address: Büsan San. Kosgeb Cad. No: 29, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • glasses, industrial glasses, flat glasses, plate glasses, float glasses, reflective glasses, decorative glasses, colored glasses, stained glasses, tempered glasses, mirrors, white goods glasses, facade glasses, shower enclosure glasses, shower screen glasses, shower cabin glasses, decorative mirrors, glass, industrial glass, flat glass, plate glass, float glass, reflective glass, decorative glass, colored glass, stained glass, tempered glass, mirror, white goods glass, facade glass, shower enclo
    Beytas Cam Inc. has been serving in İnegöl since 1998. After getting our place at GLASS and MIRROR sector, we are continuing to grow rapidly and confidently with our quality
    Telephone: +90 224 718 59 60 Address: İnegöl Mob. Ağaç İşl. İhtisas OSB 3. Cad. No: 13, İnegöl, Bursa, TURKEY
  • bolt, roofing, roofing products, roofing sheet, connectors, wire, antenna, decoration, roof access window, roof access window with ladder, roof access, electric powered roof access window, double pane tempered glass, double lift supports, safety locking, roofing tile, roofing tiles, fixing for roofing tiles, tile roofing, cut tile clip, tile hook, eave clip, mediterranean clay tile clip, ridge tile clip, tile clip, tile clips, lath holder, eave comb, snow guard, bird barrier, roofing nail, roofi
    Our company is a company that has been giving service about production of bolt screws in the construction sector for 30 years. Our products include roof boarding materials,
    Telephone: +90 216 396 44 13 Address: Kavakpınar Mah., N. Kemal Cad., Koruma San. Sit., F Blok, No: 96, Pendik, İstanbul, Turkey
  • glass, glasses, industrial glasses, building glasses, construction glasses, tempered glasses, laminated glasses, curved glasses, curved tempered glasses, enamelled glasses, industrial glass, building glass, construction glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, curved glass, curved tempered glass, enamelled glass
    Camglass has been established as a glass processing plant is totally 10.000 m² in Esenyurt, Istanbul, in 2014, which is the result of 25 years of knowledge and commercial
    Telephone: +90 212 655 77 77 Address: OSmangazi Mah., Mehmet Deniz Kopuz Cad., No: 21-23/1, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • auto glass, automobile glass, vent windows, vent window, vent window for auto, windows for bus, cabin windows, tempered glass, bent glass, balcony windows, siding windows, colored windows, laminated glass
    WİLLGLASS is with 10000 m2 closed area and 60 employees with working machines used in tempered bus glasses, automobile glasses, flat tempered, tempered tempered, ship and yacht
    Telephone: +90 5394126300 Address: Kayapa Mah. Çiğdem Sokak, No:4A, Nilüfer, Bursa, Türkiye
  • glasses, building glasses, construction glasses, float glasses, heat control glasses, solar control glasses, sound control glasses, safety glasses, security glasses, laminated glasses, acoustic glasses, acoustic laminated glasses, noise control glasses, tinted float glasses, tinted glasses, reflective glasses, insulating glasses, low-e glasses, triple glazing glasses, tempered glasses, temperable glasses, temperable solar glasses, temperable low-e glasses, temperable solar low-e glasses, glass,
    Grupcam has established as a double glazing producer in 1993 with a yearly production capacity of 60.000 m2 insulating glass. Thanks to a series of technological improvements,
    Telephone: +90 312 385 49 40 Address: Anadolu San. Org. Böl., Dumlupınar Cad. No: 10, Malıköy, Sincan, Ankara, Turkey
  • glasses, mirrors, glass bricks, glass floorings, photocell doors, painted glasses, glass doors, glass door accessories, float glasses, tempered glasses, isicam, solar control glasses, solar glasses, safety glasses, noise control glasses, decorative glasses, solar collector glasses, flat tempered glasses, curved tempered glasses, flat glasses, curved glasses, laminated glasses, flotal mirrors, decorative mirrors, radar doors, sliding doors, photocell sliding doors, radar sliding doors, photocell door systems, radar door systems, glass pavings, painted glass serigraphy printing, glass serigraphy printing, glass door locks, glass door handles, glass, mirror, glass brick, glass flooring, photocell door, painted glass, glass door, glass door accessory, float glass, tempered glass, solar control glass, solar glasse, safety glass, noise control glass, decorative glass, solar collector glass, flat tempered glass, curved tempered glass, flat glass, curved glass, laminated glass, flotal mirror, decorative mirror, radar door, sliding door, photocell sliding door, radar sliding door, photocell door system, radar door system, glass paving, glass door lock, glass door handle, Double Glazing, Security Glass, Enamel Glass, heat and solar control glass, low-e, solar low-e, reflected glass
    As Adana Cam, we started our journey in Adana with a 400 m² area in 1995. We are continuing our new factory in Ceyhan Road 3.km and 6000 m² closed area in 2011.We have CNC
    Telephone: +90 322 346 68 28 Address: Yenidoğan Mah, Girne Blv. No:263/A, 01316 Yüreğir/Adana, TURKEY
  • processing, glass processing, glass processing system, glass processing systems, edge processing, edge processing system, edge processing systems, glass edge processing, glass edge processing system, glass edge processing systems, surface processing, glass surface processing, glass surface processing system, glass surface processing systems, glasses, safety glasses, safety glass, curved glass, curved glasses, bullet proof glass, bullet proof glasses, laminated glass, laminated glasses, tempered
    Presenting the glass efficiently and accurately is a separate area of expertise and work. And that's exactly what Europe's temper has to offer. With an open area of 23.000 m2
    Telephone: +90 422 237 60 66 Address: 1. Organiza Sanayi Bölgesi, 5. Cd. No:23, Yeşilyurt, Malatya, Turkey
  • laminated glass, tempered glass, architectural and industrial glasses, architectural and industrial glass, architectural glasses, industrial glasses, architectural glass, industrial glass, double glazed glasses, laminated windshield, tempered sidelites, laminated glass, double glazed glasses, laminated sidelites, tempered quarterlite, tempered glass, tempered glasses, train wagon glass, train wagon glasses, laminated rear glass, laminated rear glasses, auto glass, auto glasses
    In our foctory, placed in 18.500 square meters-5000 square meters of it covered, we manufacture high quality products in productive working atmosphere and dynamic working tempo.
    Telephone: +90 322 394 37 28 Address: H. Sabancı Orgaznie Sanayi Bölgesi, 2. Cadde, No:2, Adana, Turkey
  • lamine glasses, lamine glasses, solar and uv film, tempered side window, rear window, heat insulated double glazing, rubber sealed glass, acoustic lamine glass, mirror holder, sensor holder, tampered glass, butterfly window, door glass, transport safety glasses
    RELIABLE QUALITY A tradition of quality and service in the Auto Glass industry since 1964 so far; Olimpia is one of the oldest rooted and leading companies in its industry in
    Telephone: +90 262 781 70 00 Address: Köşklü çeşme Mah. İstanbul Cad. No:97/1, 41400, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • case, cases, phone case, phone cases, headphone, earphones, earbuds, flap, eariece, headset, earlap, telephone receiver, gelatine, screen saver, screensaver, screen protective, screen protective film, screen protective films, screen protective gelatine, screen protective gelatines, nonbreakable glass, safety glass, tempered glass, shatterproof glass, shatterless glass, screen protective nonbreakable glass, screen protective safety glass, phone accessory, phone accessories, accessory, acces
    We are manufacturer and supplier of computer, computer parts, power bank,
    Telephone: +90 212 512 31 63 Address: Hasırcılar Cd. Hasırcılar İş Merkezi, No:45/317, Fatih, İstanbul, Turkey
  • glass, tempered glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, mirror, wired glass, patterned glass, smart glass, float glass, reflective glass, tinted glass, glass block, glass sheet, low e glass, sgp glass
    Brothers Glass Industrial Development Co., Ltd., which is one of the leading glass suppliers in China. BROTHERSGLASS has three major glass plants in China, they are located in the
    Telephone: 0086 13726040554
  • bulletproof glass, security glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, acustic glass
    we are manufacturer bulletproof glass, security glass,tempered glass,laminated glass,acustic glass founded 1954 in
    Telephone: 00903423217188 Address: 1.organize sanayi bölgesi 83102 nolu cad.no:24 şehitkamil/gaziantep
  • automotive glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, integrated glass, patterned glazing, module assembly window, laminated acoustic glass, heated wire windshield
    Telephone: (90)(212) 327 12 31 Address: BARBAROS BULVARI GÜREL APT A BLOK NO:41 D:13
  • glass, float glass, double glazing, tempered glass, laminated glass, glass processing
    Telephone: (90)(332) 236 61 66 Address: AĞAÇ İŞLERİ SAN.BAŞKIŞLA SOK. NO:74-76
  • tempered glass, lamine glass, yacht glass, tempered glasses, lamine glasses, yacht glasses
    Telephone: 4615504-05 Address: KAZIMDİRİK MAHALLESİ 353 SOKAK NO:19 BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • thermopane systems, temperable low-e glass, temperable solar low-e glass, bonding, safety glasses, tempered glass, curved tempered glass, laminated glass, bullet resistant laminated glass, acoustic laminated glass, solar control glasses, colored glass, tentesol glass, tentesol titanium glass, glass processing, printing, water jet, cnc, drilling, rodaj, sandblasting, accessory, door motor, glass door handle, spider, jalousie
    Telephone: 90 332 Address: KONYA, TURKEY
  • glasses, private glasses, decorative glasses, insulating glass, facade glasses, glass accessory, collateral materials, sungard group, coating glasses, tempered glasses
    Telephone: 90(258)372 15 11 Address: AKÇEŞME MAH. ERTUĞRUL GAZİ CAD. NO:14, MERKEZ, DENIZLI
  • heat insulating glass, noise control glasses, solar control glasses, tempered glasses, lamineted glasses, glasses for city tools, glasses for furnitures, furniture decoration glasses, lameks
    Telephone: (90)(224) 411 12 80 Address: NİLÜFER ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ ERGUVAN CADDE NO.4 NİLÜFER
  • shower cabin, shower tray, shower pan, tempered glass
    Telephone: 4331646 Address: 1202/13 SK. NO:10 YENİŞEHİR KONAK / İZMİR
  • tempered glass, glass, glass design
    Telephone: (90)(312) 316 00 96 Address: ÇAMLITEPE CADDESİ NO.136 ALTINDAĞ
  • glass, tempered glass, printed tempered glass, double glazing
    Telephone: 0.222.236 00 27 Address: 75.YIL MH. ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ ŞEHİTLER BLV. 15. CD. NO:31
  • double glazing, decorative glasses, tempered glass, laminated glass, flat glass, colored glass
    Telephone: 8761681 Address: Yakuplu Merkez Mah. Beysan San. Sit. Dereboyu Cad. No:10/A Beylikdüzü
  • 45 degree straight grinding machine, automatic glass hole machine, double head automatic drilling machine, fishing machine, flat - curved two-way temper quartz, formwork grinding machine, horizontal flat tempering furnace, lamine machines, single direction flat and tempered temper chamber, straight grinding machine, yd-bm-10 straight vertical bizen machine, yd-de series double rodaj, yd-de series horizontal double rodging
  • thermopane, double glazing, tempered glass, decorative glass, glass furniture, furniture accessories
    Telephone: 90 232 Address: İZMIR, TURKEY
  • decorative glass, plain and frosted glass, glass and glass brick paving, security glass, processed glass, tempered glass
    Telephone: (90)(324) 320 21 41 Address: AKBELEN CAD.AKBELEN MAH.NO:166
  • double glazing, comfort glass, synergy glass, facade glass, tempered glass, gas glass, glass door, laminated glass, safety glass, glass balcony, insulating glass venetian, blind systems, fouble glazing karolaj trim, mirror, frosted glass
    Telephone: 90(258)268 10 12 Address: HACIKAPLANLAR MAH. 734 SK. NO:8 1/A, MERKEZ, DENIZLI
  • glass door accessories, flat glass, colored glass, tempered glass, decorative glass
    Telephone: (90)(324) 324 39 39 Address: AKBELEN CD.H.OKAN MERZECİ MAH. 89050 SOKAK NO:1
  • glass, glass products, cnc glass cutting, digital printing, tempered glass
    Telephone: 90 262 Address: KOCAELI, TURKEY
  • double glazing, tempered glass, laminated glass, laminated safety glass, decorative glass
    Telephone: 655 50 85 Address: Hürriyet Mah. Sanayi Sok. No.10 Marmaracık Çorlu,
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